Our Talks...

I've always talked to God since I can remember. As I look back I believe I did more talking than listening, but with age, I caught on. Thru the years, I've always thought of 'looking for God', only to discover I didn't have to look. Of course, I saw Him in everything and knew He was everywhere, but from all my wondering, searching and conversations, I learned where God is... right inside me!
God is in my mind, my heart and my soul. God has always been right here with me. Once accepting our Lord as Savior and accepting His death for the forgiveness of my sins, God has always wanted to be at the center of everything in my life. But we all know to well how this world has mislead and misguided us in different directions, most in the wrong direction. That's because God wasn't making the decisions. I was taking charge and not letting go of this world, nor letting God have complete control. I talked my way through most things and did some my way. Of course, it'd been best to have done it right the first time and listened to what He had to say.
Many things I've tried to correct and some I've made right, but some things I took the reins and did my way, these, can't be redone. I made mistakes and messed up. Those are the things God had no part of and because we have the power of choice, I did so, but chose badly.
The great thing is that God is forgiving and I know that part of His plan for me involved learning from my downfalls. The more I get to know God, the better of a person I'm becoming. I dream of a life with our Father in heaven. I pray to see loved ones who've gone before me. I pray for my children and loved ones still here. Sometimes I can't stop talking with God. Our conversations always start in a traditional form of prayer, but end up with me just talking and sometimes, I talk aloud, but I don't have to. Gods right here with me. He's inside and I found Him when I was very young. I've gotten to know Him better through the years. I know its from our talks...
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