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I Am A Goddess Fulltime

My grandmother was a WWII sex slave, a Japanese Comfort Woman. One of the Chinese collaborators who was involved with her enslavement rose up quite high in the government. He later attempted to kill me and my mother.

We fled China and wound up being sex slaves ourselves near the Burma Thai border to a Japanese and his British wife.

His wife while cruel was also kind and generous. She liked to be told stories. Over the years I told the story of my grandmother and woven in elements of my own. She encouraged me to write them down.

Last year I published Snap of the Dragon's Tail.

Her husband was quite ruthless and used myself and my mother as he pleased. My revenge was to seduce his son and then cuckold him before and after our marriage.

Many of the elements in my book are taken from my real life experience and my knowledge of the world. When my master died from poison, my husband and some of our loyal guards found it best to flee.

I live now with my protectors who I keep loyal to me with my sexual submission and my husband with my deceptive manipulation. I have a young son and daughter and all the men accept they are their fathers. Two children and ten fathers.

Please I hope you will read the free sample of my book and if you find it to your liking and interest that you will buy it. I should like to write more and have started on two different series. Perhaps I will post some excerpts.

My husband is happy to be my cuckold, for my sexual training is extensive and my talents quite unique.

May Ming
Wangmayming Wangmayming 26-30, F 2 Responses Feb 6, 2013

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I very much want to read the book.

Please go read the one I have out.
I fear I am going to need a large following for the next to be accepted.

Problem is I think women are adults when they can biologically get pregnant. I do think they should be and you minor male adults should be protected from making contracts and each should have a Mentress to help screen the men who will help teach them.

In any event the problem with African Plantation is my main girl is underage when she starts aggressively having sex. She is not in any way a victim, she is rather like Lolita, but in today's terribly PC world where a 17 year old boy is a Child! (Do we wonder why there are so many 30 year olds living in Mom and Dad's basement?) I fear publishers will not allow my book and I shall publish it and then place it directly on my own website in Kindle and Epub format.

But I will face some technical issues.

So please buy Snap of the Dragon's Tail and be warned there are very sexually explicit scenes in that book as well, but a much deeper and more complex story.

I think of African Plantation Quartet to be Harlequin Romance meets Devil in Miss Jones. (That was my Mistress's favorite **** movie and mine too.)

Those are links to my book I hope you will buy it, tell your friends and leave a review up on the site

Thank you

What a resume! I should finally start to think about buying an e-book reader.

you can download and read them on your computer and smartphone. But someone gave me an iPad which is like and a Kindle paperwhite which is great as well.