The Mystery

I think about God all the time.  I wonder what exactly are his mechanics for running things.  Is he some crazy old man pulling the levers and switches of the universe?  Is he some overarching universal force that is impossible to detect? Haha is he a she? Or something in between?  Is he still on his seventh day of rest from creating the universe?  Will he wake up?  Most of all I wonder if he's pissed that we commit awful acts of prejudice, judgement, and hate fiiled crimes in his name.  I have all these questions and I've found very few answers.  I've decided all the science and philosophy in the world will never be enough.  I think that's his point.  Without faith I am nothing.  To know, to REALLY know, just might be disasterous.  All I know is to follow my heart, and to do right as to my best judgement.
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I think that anyone, either believer or non-believer, cannot say to another person that it is like this or that. But can only say I believe it to be this way or that way. None of us no matter how convinced we are can say "the way it is".

I to belong to a chat group, [I no longer do] and one time I was in there and the small group was talking about things they can do. I felt safe enough to say I spoke to GOD. One gentleman asked me if GOD spoke back. I said yes. A few minutes later the gentleman asked If I ask GOD a question through you would HE answer? I said I don't know but we can try. The gentleman said ask GOD what Truth is. <br />
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The response was this: "Truth is the faith we hold within our hearts, that when we are silent we can hear it be spoken, guiding those who seek to know who I AM". <br />
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If you look at Jeremiah 17:10 I, the LORD search the minds and test the hearts of people. I treat each of them according to the way they live, according to what they do.<br />
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This means that HE looks at your behaviour as a whole. <br />
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If you know nothing else about how to seek GOD, learn Galatians 5:23 the Fruits of the Spirit, keep these close at hand, and if you can live this way, you have nothing to worry about.

the heart is a door to god or the infinite do things that move you spiritually you may be a seeker and the you need to go and find through your own experience test and seek study read

quote from J. Krishnamurthy:<br />
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The religious mind is something entirely different from the mind that believes in religion. <br />
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You cannot be religious and yet be a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist.<br />
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A religious mind does not seek at all, it cannot experiment with truth. <br />
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Truth is not something dictated by your pleasure or pain, or by your conditioning as a Hindu or whatever religion you belong to. <br />
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The religious mind is a state of mind in which there is no fear and therefore no belief whatsoever but only what is – what actually is.

God is nothing but a feeling. A divine feeling of nothingness. The end of the ego. If u r in this feeling the ego disappears and all the mental blocks of day to day tension disappears. U r at Nirvana. Then U may tell that U have seen the God. God does not have form. It is nothingness as well as infinity. U will be filled with extreme bliss when God appears in U. I have felt on some different occasions the feeling. Of course not without drugs. Drugs and God cannot coexist. Similarly Alcohol and God cant coexist. Ego and God cannot coexist. Where Ego ends God appears. U ask " Who am I" till the inner answers and I think God may answer ur question. " Who am I? " may lead us to God.

smebro, just to say; I'm sure your a great person just in you talking about the people who are hurting in the word. Please don't take what I say with condemnation for me...I simply am not up to changing my truth as I know it. I've had too many revelations, and miracles in my life to do so. I sincerly wish you nothing but the best and a way for peace to come upon us all.<br />
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God Bless.<br />

And there are starving and poor in the world because like I said before ...he who is in the world.<br />
I do have a strong knowing, not just a desire to search for the truth...I know the truth. And I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway at all...I simply was stating what I know to be true and got a response from you as I expected. Thank You and Have A Great Day!

All I see in that Tome, is you saying that it is a virtuous thing to force yourself to believe in something. I ask you this, how can I force such a belief on myself? If do not truly believe it then I am lying, surely you agree it is better to follow what I believe in then it is to force myself to believe in stories.<br />
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It would be much that same if a Muslim approached you and told you that the truth could be found in the Koran. I doubt you would take that seriously, because they would be implying you could simply believe at will.<br />
As for Jesus, if we are to honor every mythical son of the Gods then we have plenty of work to do, there is a mighty big list of virgin-birthed sons of various Gods. You can check that one up to us skeptics having answers for everything. just as I imagine you have plenty of answers for why you think your faith is the one true one.<br />
I have very little reason to believe in Jesus, so feel nothing in regards to that mythical figure. Ask me about the starving and poor in the world, i have a few feelings there.<br />
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In regards to your other message, I am as every other person on earth, there is no major difference due to my lack of faith. I have a strong moral compass.

When God works in our lives, there are always those skeptiics who refuse to believe. They have an EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING and will usually try to explain away the work of God's grace and power in us. Faith is beyond their understanding and outside their realm of living. Please Note: The warning of Jesus to these skeptics in that even though they saw with their own eyes, they still rejected. Then they moved from questioning and refusing to believe what they had seen.They started to ridicule, and then to total rejection of what Jesus had done. Let me warn you skeptics, examine the evidence before you judge and reject it. It was Jesus who came into our world where the enemy lives and was tempted, He did not fail! He also said; that nothing could be done to HIm that the Father has not already allowed them to do. It was the Father who sent Him. He spent His years here teaching and preaching the gospel, sought out the lost so they would believe, by preforming miricles, by the way... the bible just isnt large enough to tell them all. But He did say; You have wittnessed the works of my Father. But blessed is the ones who do not see with their eyes but their heart and still have the faith to believe! Do not love the world for the enemy is in it and will attack the minds of those who even if could see with their eyes would still ridicule as when Jesus walked the earth. But greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world. Don't believe in the world, it is passing away. One more thing,,,,knowing that Jesus never condemed a soul but prayed for them, willing to die for all, that includes that not enough to even call Him Lord?<br />
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God Bless

Amen~!~ thank you and God Bless you

I truly believe in God. I too have had questions and I read the Bible, prayed and went to church. I soon found that my questions were being answered in a very direct way. I think that this is what you should do too. Good luck.

I think about God alot too. I still get depressed but it gives me some comfort to know that there is a God. Sometimes I wish I had become a nun like I had wanted to years ago. Now instead of being happy with a husband and two children I keep thinking I wouod be happier being a nun. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have problems with depression and will be meeting with my therapist next week. I am getting a little scared about my depression. Thanks for listening.

I suggest that u try to read and study about islam as a religion, may be u will find the answer. Who knows?<br />
ok?<br />
<br />
Good Luck in ur search!

I wonder about God, too. I have lots of questions about why things happen the way they do and is there really any wisdom in it. Sometimes I research things by looking them up in the Bible. It is quite amazing what I have found. For instance, I have noticed that there are some very nasty people in the world and some of these people have been my bosses. When I was reading somewhere in the Bible, it said that believers have been made into new creations bkz when they want to follow God and believe He has forgiven them, He then comes to live in them with His spirit. That's very cool for me to think about. But anyway, the people who don't have His spirit living in them, well that's partly why they are so nasty. They don't have the spirit of God in them. Well, I think they must have some other spirit in them if they don't have His in them, and that's why they act so poorly toward others. <br />
The only thing that makes sense to me is when I read about the people in Genesis....they seem just like me! JUst trying to get by, trying to find God (dome of them) and others just doing their own things. Peopls feeling hatred, and rage, fear and sadness while God looks down and feels compassion for them. I like that a lot. Thanks for listening!

"""""God's real. He's up in heaven right now. it hurts God when we commit awful acts (sin) but if we give our lives to Him, and ask for forgiveness, He will forgive us. and we will have eternal life with Him. He loves everyone :)""""""" <br />
Presumption. Presumption.<br />
Andrius, I, like you, allow for the possibility of an explainable god, but he could just as well be an endlessly repeating computer code as a child sitting on the other-side of the computer screen. I allow the possibility, but I base my actions on the evidence, and the evidence is entropy and chaos and sentient confusion, all of which is sustained by a very mysterious universe…mysterious and huge but with no ob<x>jective proof of any form of God. Faith has a very strange meaning, I do not embrace it unless there’s a good reason (which means it crosses from faith to theory)

What if God was one of us? Just a slob like one of us? Just a stranger on a bus, just trying to make his way home. back up to heaven all alone. Nobody calling on the phone. Except for the Pope, maybe, in Rome....

God's real. He's up in heaven right now. it hurts God when we commit awful acts (sin) but if we give our lives to Him, and ask for forgiveness, He will forgive us. and we will have eternal life with Him. He loves everyone :)