I think about god alot. I wonder what is my purpose and if I'm going to accomplish it. I also have dreams that I don't understand I sometimes wonder if they are some type of message or warning. I just rejoined my church and I know just before I joined I had a dream where three people were standing at the edge of my bed, they were surrounded by bright light I couldn't look directly at them. I was trying to ask who they were but I was so scared that I couldn't hardly get the words out of my mouth. Then my bed started shaking and I felt like I was being pulled awake so then I woke up. I haven't been able to sleep good since that happen. I even woke up one night to a voice telling me they want to know everything that I know. I just want a peaceful night of sleep.
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Doing your duty with faith and trust in HIM You will understand the purpose and your surrendering to HIM accomplishes everything.

Maybe your church can help you with that. Once you let things get to you, you will start thinking about it more often.