Old Thoughts Coming Back.

I was raised to in conservative Christianity, but when I was in high school I started questioning things to the point that I became an athiest.  Ever since then, I've been obsessed with any field of science that could possibly shed light on the hows and whys of humanity.  I definitely tell people that I am athiest but I still always wonder he is really there.  I used to think of him like a father, I guess.
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I'm sorry, this is a very old post! XD<br />
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I need to check the dates more often. Hope you've found an answer during the time!

foggyglyph, I am currently reading "The Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel, which shows evidences for God from several fields of science - astronomy, biology, physics, cosmology, etc. It's very interesting.<br />
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There's a website called Reasons to Believe (http://www.reasons.org) that is led by a Christian astrophysicist named Hugh Ross. The site shows how Christianity and science complement, not contradict, each other. If you're science-minded, I would encourage you to look at it.

The Word says that HE is the author and finisher of our faith, which to me puts it squarely in His hands. I would talk to Him honestly, and lay it at His feet. I mean, the disciple Thomas, wasn't he referred to as 'Doubting Thomas'? Just my own thoughts. My faith and belief in my God was built and nurtured by Him, nothing I did or from any sort of virtue.

There is no evidence for feelings

faludakbar is not an atheist, just a believer who lacks evidence. If some scientific bullshit could come up about god I bet he'd be willing to believe. Infact the idea of god is totally illogical and doesn't need evidence to reject it.

The bible has been translated by man,BUT,its all accurate.Because if God didn't want everything that is in it,in it then it wouldn't be there.

Then you are agnostic. <br />
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Embrace it.<br />
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Religinn and spirituality are two very different things. May you find strength to know the difference, and love it.<br />
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i was raised as a Christian bt then i wasn't sure, bt i needed to find out what i believed. i started researching different religions and stuff to find out mroe about them cos i wasnt sure it was "the right one". however now ive decided im a Christian although i find the Buddhist lifestyle interesting as well

I believe He is up there watching us now, but I have strayed from him to such a degree that I am having the hardest time finding my way back. I don't think it is wrong that you question things though. The Bible was translated by man and I am sure that they left so much out and got so much wrong. From what I have read of it I think that science supports the bible though rather than discredits it.