I Know God Is Real!

I find Myself thinking of God all the time.There are those who don't believe in God and there are those who Do.I don't think people should write horrible stuff about a God they don't even know.Plus,why would they write bad things about God if they don't believe in Him?They must believe in a sense or they wouldn't write about The One and Only God they don't even know.

I know My God is real.I talk to Him EVERY day.He touches My life EVERY day.I see Him in My kids smiles.I see Him in everything.He created life,and I enjoy every minute of My life with Him.I'm not bothered by the fact that I'm always broke,I'm glad I'm not wealthy,because I know where My treasures lie,With My Jesus.

So,yes,I think about Him all the time.I can't wait to see Him face to face.Thats what I'm living for.I want to kiss His feet and look into the eyes that are so full of love.Wherever Jesus is is heaven to Me.I get teary eyed thinking about Him now.I love Him so very much.My life would not make sense without Him in it.Its so sad that so many are not going to make it.I pray for all those out there that are so totally lost.That are so decieved and blind.I will pray for you.

God Bless

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Jesus IS God.He is part of the Holy Trinity.He is flesh and blood.It is Jesus i long to hold and kiss and hug.He is my Savior.

Your expressions about God sound absolutely wonderful, but I wonder how it will be possible to actually touch him, kiss him, and look into his eyes when he is a powerful spirit creature in the heavens and according to the bible, no one can see God and yet live. Also, since the bible tells us there are many Gods and many Lords, how do you differentiate your God from these others, do you pray to him by using his personal name?

Also, since the bible tells us there are many Gods and many Lords,

Where does the bible say this? There is but One God.I call him Jehovah,Savior,Healer,Strong Tower...Whatever the moment may call for.

There is no God but God, only one God, Jesus Is Just his prophet, as Almighty send many prophets to guide human race to right path, that is all,God mighty Is above over these earthly, things, measurements etc<br />
There is nothing like him, <br />
Its great you loving ,one God, but its sad you Means God to Jusus not God of Abrahim, Moses. an eternal source,creator of all universe.<br />
Any way we all creates haven and hells for ourselves.

Oh i do mean the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob...Also The Father of My redeemer Jesus Christ.!..He was more than just a good person or a prophet...He's the way the truth and the life...The Only way to get to God.He is the Alfa and the Omega.He is my Savior...God gave his son Jesus as a sacrifice because all the animal sacrifices in the world from the beginning of time and forever could not save us from our sin nature and our sinful ways...Thats what Jesus done for everyone on the cross of calvary....So sad so many will miss his return.

As an atheist and a LaVeyan Satanist, I ask you all to debate me of God's existance. Good day.

ok... prove god does not exist

yes your thoughts are real <br />
keep them up my friend <br />
GOD loves you

Henry I want to find a way to seek him out.

Henry I want to find a way to seek him out.

Addressing your first paragraph, atheists critique the judeo-christian god because the idea of it is bad to us. If I say "Mario can jump high" it doesn't mean I believe Mario exists. It only means that a fictional character named Mario can jump high. When I say "God is a douche bag" it means there is a fictional being called god that exhibits the traits of douche bag.

I guess the difference is that nobody sits around ranting angrily, harrassing on forums, publishing books, etc about how Mario is, say, a loser with a shallow personality that amounts to nothing more than a stereotype, and that he needs counseling to stop bowing to the whims of a manipulative princess who's obviously cheating on him with Bowser.

I'll second (or third, or whatever) the idea that it's odd that people who don't believe God exists would hate him so much.

you know nothing!<br />
you think, or belive there is a god. You do not KNOW. <br />
No person on earth know for sure...<br />
be open minded, consider everything, be sure of nothing...

I know for sure.

I too find it funny how people will say terrible things when they don't know that He doesn't exist either. And I understand where they are coming from because I used to be agnostic. But just as the bible says that God reveals Himself to those who earnestly seek Him, it is true for me. And I would encourage anyone who is unsure to just find a way to seek Him out.

Okay, thank you :)<br />
<br />
Best wishes =)

Thats very sad that You feel that way...You know sometimes He answers,We just don't like the answer He gives,so We claim He's not listening and that He doesn't love Us because We didn't get the result or answer We wanted.And Our faith suffers because of Our hard-headedness.<br />
I will lift You up.You are precious to Him,whether You believe it or not.God bless You.<br />
If You ever want to talk,I'm here....Just know that I understand...Been there!(:

I used to be a completehly devout Christian and I had had some great friends that were Lovers of Him. <br />
<br />
A couple years ago, I begged Him to fix me then prayed and asked for forgiveness and understanding for my friends of me and I prayed fr at least an hour every night. <br />
<br />
<br />
He never listened to me. <br />
<br />
I used to know Him and love Him. <br />
<br />
Not anymore, because I have no proof that He exists.

I love that song. It is truely sad that people close their hearts and minds to the ONE that loves more than life itself. <br />
This story and these comments gave me chills. I wish there were a way to show those around us that "hate" our Lord what they are missing. Perhaps someday they will see His love is the actions of Christians around them.<br />
Thanks all for sharing this.

That is real charity... to pray for those who are still today, crucifying the Sacred Heart of Jesus, when one loves Him so much.<br />
<br />
The closer you get to Him, the more it hurts when people say those kinds of things. Yesterday someone said to me, "I just hate Jesus. I don't hate CHRISTIANS." I felt like saying, "If you hate Him, you hate me."<br />
<br />
But the only way someone can hate God is if precisely they do NOT know Him. You could never hate God if you know Him. How can you hate someone when they love you more than any human being is capable of loving period? How do you hate someone who loves you more that you love yourself? But so many people hear something false about God and think it's true, or something bad happens to them and they hate God for it, as if their loved one should be able to live on earth forever just because it's their loved one, or that they should be perfectly happy in this world just because they love that person... They have no idea that often times sufferings are a punishment, or else can be side effects of God trying to save us a lot more suffering later on.<br />
<br />
If God takes your loved one when they are in a state of 'friendship' with Him, would we rather God have left them, if God knew they might have otherwise died outside of that state, and gone to hell? Or what mother wouldn't rather their child pass away naturally in their infancy, rather than, say... get abducted by someone and get killed that way?<br />
<br />
If we think only of ourselves, we forget easily that only God knows the WHOLE picture. We only have a small piece of it. Like a parent, He is always making the very best choice based on a perfect love. We may not like or understand that choice here on earth, but I can bet we'll all be thankful for it in the next life.

Yoshimine, if you're still watching this thread, five years later {:^), maybe you've heard it said before, and I think it's true, that the opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference. Hatred is a twisted kind of love - the backside of the coin of love - in which the hater's being is still bound up with the object of their hate. To hate someone is to be in relationship with them. A person can only hate the One (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to say it the more direct and personal way) because they *do* know It. Hatred is personal. A relationship can be healed. Even the constant ranting of the one who hates shows their desire for the relationship to be different. Some relationships are stormier than others. Emotionally speaking, a divorce is not complete until both parties have stopped obsessing over each other and moved on. But with G!d? Thank G!d that the hater's connection has not been wholly severed! Better for them to stay in relationship. G!d can take the heat. Love is patient. The One who I once hated is now (and always was) closer to me than my own breath.

Youshmini,yours last paragraph is so near to reality,yes we have a small piece of it