My Horny Granny

I know it sounds weird that a grandmother would be craving for her grandson's cοck, but it happens to me. She is not exaclty my grandmother, as she is the step-mom of my mom, but this doesn't change the case dramatically.

As we are nudists, she has seen my cοck a lot of times since I was a baby, until now that I am 31. But since I became an adult, she started doing comments about my cοck, fondling my *** (especially when she was putting suntan oil) and looking me at a different manner, which is making me believe that she is looking me sexually. Needless to say that she is a long time widow.

I can say that she is still attractive, despite her age (77), so I wouldn't have problem to be given at least a ******* by her. The only problem is the family relationship. So, what can I do with my horny granny?
thomas42 thomas42
31-35, M
5 Responses May 27, 2010

What does she look like. Maybe she can give me one? ahahahah

Thank you guys for encouragement, I have already given blo***b from my granny and not only once or twice. But I wasn't brave enough to **** her yet. Maybe in the future. :D

You have no Idea how lucky you are!! I so crave old women but nothing has ever happened to me like that,

dont worry about the family. from what you say she is not a blood relative. go ahead enjoy one another.

**** her Inmediatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!