Why Do I Look For Something I Shouldn't?

I've been married for 15 years. Yup a long time I know. Yet here I am, and have been for the past few years, looking to have an affair. I don't even think it would matter with whom, I just want a man to want me that isn't married to me. Now here's the part where you realize how truly horrible I am. My husband adores me, tells me I'm hot, texts sexy little messages to me and still wants me all the time. So why why why do I want so badly to be with someone else? I don't get it.
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5 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Before you do this you had better decide if you are prepared to end your marriage and devastate your husband. If you truly love your husband the guilt will become unbearable and you will come to blame and hate your husband. You will destroy the bond of trust that sustains a marriage. You will lose the security that your husband and marriage provides you. If he provides you with health insurance, you will lose that and the home that you share.

If I could find a women that was interested...I would have an affair today. I havent been seduced in years...is there any better feeling than being wanted? 5 years in a sexless marriage will do that to you. I hope that all of us find something to keep our heads on straight, the S.S. Sexless Marriage ship is a terrible cruise to be on

Oh twins, I think we do have a lot to talk about...

I am in pretty much the same situation. I got pregnant at 18 and married. 17yrs later I am wanting more.

Awww, I don't get it either. But I do feel bad for ya. I also don't get myself sometimes. You'll find someone, just be careful. Don't go with just anyone.