The Most Recent Affair

Where do I begin? Having been married all my life, I realized that having sex with one person for the rest of my life would be impossible and boring but at the same time did not want to be a sleaze at first I suggested swinging but my wife was not crazy about some of the other couples so with out making her do something against her will. Without looking for partners I found them and many, My wife felt that if she didn't know it would be alright and it was. The most recent affair was a married lady I met and became friends with, Now even though she was fine looking, I didn't want to loose that by making a pass at her. She knew that I saw many women on the side ( I was living in a different state than my wife) (business) One day she made her intentions known that she wanted to have a rump in the sack after 4 amazing hours I had to let all my young girlfriends that I was raising the bar and all partners now had to be at least 30, she ruined it for all the young girls. It was a great deal of fun
jmcc4424 jmcc4424
Jul 17, 2010