What I Really Desire In A Woman Is One I Can Be A Gentleman With But One Who Will Sometimes Treat Me Like Her "baby"

I have an almost uncontrollable desire at times to have a woman to "baby" me.  to totally treat me like a baby. Also I have a desire to have a woman be very agressive and dominant in the bedroom and to wrestle with me and forcefully undress me and throw me to the bed and madly kiss on me. I ams starved for this kind of experience.   I try to always treat women with the utmost in respect and act like a gentleman.
If you are a woman out there that could deal with "babying" her man and being "in charge", please let me know.
billikens billikens
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

oh, *sigh* likewise :(<br />
I LOVE being the dominant one!

I can do that!..but sadly it's forbidden for me to do that to any other man except my husband!