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I have been married 13yrs and have three great kids, but constantly i feel there is something missing. My husband although a really nice guy and is really good to be seems unable to give me what I really crave. I have constantly begged him over the past 13yrs to just sit beside me on the sofa and cuddle, to just come in and kiss me because he loves me. I have to ask him if he loves as he just doesnt say it unless i ask and to be honest asking just makes me feel needy. I know he loves me but sometimes i think its just because hes too damn lazy to go find someone who he feels real passion for. We married at 21 and for many reasons that are too long to go into i think we grabbed eachother in a time where we both needed security. Im not saying that im miserable all the time and am not ready to think about divorce etc as we have a happy homelife with our kids and i dont want to change that. We do have sex but its never hearth shattering he does his thing and then rolls over and falls asleep. I have met a really nice guy who is also in a sexless marriage and we have talked for hours about how we both feel and want.. Neither of us want to change our home life but just to fill that big black hole that leaves us feeling empty. Nothing has happened with us as yet not even a kiss just wondering what people think??
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I hear you! My husband is like yours...getting him to cuddle is like pulling teeth. He's a great father and friend but not my idea of what a husband should be. See what happens with this guy. Take it slow and think about the consequences of your actions. Whatever you decide NEVER tell your husband. This is your issue not his. You are seeking elsewhere because you are unfulfilled in your relationship. It's my opinion that happy people don't cheat.

Your at a great age to go without a lot of excellent sex without giving it a good try. I's be carefull about finding "one" friend to hook up with or not making an attempt to feel your husband out about how to spice things up. One thing for sure this is the right place to explore your options. Good luck!

Well honestly I think you should make a pact with this fellow to be each other's FWB... for some NSA sex... that is what I am looking for... so I am speaking as a man on this side of the question. <br />
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You are lucky that you have found a potential lover... really luck, as this is a very difficult thing to do in the first place.