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Seeking Anal

                       Being married , I have a want for Anal sex and my husband finds it disgusting. and will not try at all.

   I seek men that will be willing to have anal sex with me but will not want regular sex, for that is for my husband.

   I have a very tight body for a lady my age and yes I do enjoy sucking, and  taking a FULL load...

                      My only chance so far was on vacation when we stopped for lunch in this small Texas town.

    About half way through lunch my husband had to use the restroom and was gone for several miutes, while in the restroom a young

     police office came in and sat at a table near us and stright in front of me.

  I have always enjoyed to flirt a little (ok a  lot) With out thinking I wanted to do something.

  Having on a short skirt I watch his eyes, everytime I saw him look under our table I would slowly   

  un cross my legs and give him a show.
  After a few shows and my husbands return, the young officer got up walking behind my husband, he rubbed his member as he headed

  to the restroom.

  Not knowing for sure what was instore I told my husband that  I needed to go to the restroom also. He didn't even look up from his food just saying,

  hope everything comes out ok..

                    As I walk towards the restroom I find it was a place that only had one to share, not a problem .

  As I walk in I notice the young officer and said excuse me and started back out to wait my turn, but much to my supprise

  he said Not to go he was about through and There was room for more than one.

   I tried not to look at his member as we spoke but that was impossiable, it was long and slender and fully erect.

   I went into the stall and sat down. I thought I heard him leave but he just went to the door and locked it.

    In a minute he was standing in front of me erection in hand.

                His first words was, I think this is what your looking for, well I couldn't act supprised or afraid , remember I did start this.

    He walked up and just pushed his member in my mouth, it was longer but smaller around than my husband. So I had no

     problem taking all of him.

      He only took a couple of minutes to share his load, we use to call them quickies.

                He zipped up and left the room, leaving me to still long for what I wanted a real good round of anal sex, but again I had to wait.

        Returning to the table I noticed the officer had left, so I sat down and pushed my food away, My husband ask if all was ok, I just smilled and said I

       was just stuffed.

           My hunt goes on for that chance meeting somewhere when I find a man that will take care of one of the things on my bucket list.

                          I hunt and hunt...........Somewhere.................................
mrsmarleen mrsmarleen 61-65, F 86 Responses Jun 30, 2011

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Would love to accommodate your anal desires

Great story!

Oh baby please add me, you rock my universe! Xx

I live Houston, and travel around the Gulf Coast and beyond. I'd be happy to help you with your bucket list. Jim

id love to play with you im in illinois im 23

Interesting, I'd never have thought it would be at all difficult for a woman to find a man who would do her anally, it's just so "normal" for us

Dear Mrs. Marleen,
what a pity that i am not living in the usa, because i love it to have anal sex, but there are only quite a few women who love that too.
Roger from Germany

My wife wants nothing to do with anal but I crave it.

I love anal and took me some while to make my GF let me **** her analy. Now we do anal like once a week. I love it so bad!!!!!!

i don't find it disgusting--but it should be with fwb you trust.

Hope we cross paths when I travel for work.

Wish I could help you.

After reading this, I wish I was close by.


I will do you the honour, I am 25 years of age and got some young meat for u xxxxxxxxxx

would love to lick your butt, than enter you, touch your **** till you come. Please add me, I am a kitty worshipper, voyeur perve

Ever try Phoenix,Az. ,and me?

I wish we could meet I have just the reverse I love anal sex but my wife hates it, I have had a few girl friends before we were married that liked the change and the feel of something being slid inside them, I like the feel also and am sitting here with a putt plug in my *** as I type this I would gladly love to take care of your anal needs LOL

I'm gonna be bold, and say I wish I could "BUMP into you. Be very happy to give you what you want.

It seems you and I have the same problem.

I wish you good luck with your search. Anal can be a very good for women so I'm told, being a man I only know from that perspective and for men it's very good. You posted this 21 months ago so maybe you've found it

Ma'am? May I offer my gentlemanly services in this pursuit?

Sucks when you are denied of a sexual experience by your spouse. It only makes you crave and fantasize about it more. My first wife would have nothing to do with it at all, not even a finger rubbing it when we were *******. I got divorced and as luck would have it, found a girl that likes it. She presented it to me while we were on vacation in Cancun. She even has anal ******* without her ***** being touched. I married her and its nice to find someone more of your sexual equal. All men and women should be ***** in bed.

interesting story. You need to get to your bucket list, as like me , are running out of time. Since your husband has no interest in it. I wouldn't call it cheating.

I'd love to have anal sex with you.

Good luck finding what you are after. Probably a lot of guys would help you out I would think, especially since you don't really want to disrupt your marriage.

I am seeking a woman that wants anal sex around Karnes City or Kenedy Texas

My wife would never let me do her anally...she said it hurt too much whenever we tried. I have had affairs because I also love to orally please my women and love to finger their tight little ******* as I go down on them(something my wife finds disgusting)....never a complaint. I would love to feel how hot and tight you are anally.

My wife doen't allow me to have anal sex but it is killing me to see that there are people that want it but can't get it! Before we were met and I was signle and dating around, I got a fair amount of anal and I .oved it just as I love all sex, including oral. I am wondering how many women like anal sex? Speak up ladies!!!

I think it's great when a mature woman eagerly offers to relieve the sexual tension of a young horny dude. When I was in college, I had a few similar offers but only from women that I knew, no spur-of-the-moment stuff. I too got some succulent blow jobs from very cooperative married women who just wanted to experience the thrill of an exciting, heart pounding, spurting ****** in their mouth. When I would have them on their knees, they would be especially receptive and submissive to my male needs.

Hello, check out some of my stories, I LOVE anal sex!!! If you want to talk some time, email me back............