I Don't Know What To Do

I have been thinking about having an affair because my husband and i hardly ever have sex, i like and need the intimacy but it's just not there. i'm lucky if we have sex once a week and it's making me kind of crazy and i don't know what to do. i've tried talking to him about it but nothing changes so now i'm always thinking about meeting someone and having an affair, i know it's not right but what else can i do?
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I looked up your other comment about being recently reunited, a weekends only marriage stimulates the sex drive and minimises the irritations of actually living together. If he was working away is he likely to go again. Casual affairs are bad for your health if not carried out discreetly and I have always found they require more care than a marriage. You seem to have two options look for an affair and accept an uncomfortable marriage or decide if you want your freedom to find a new partner but remember casual sex does carry health risks!

In the same boat, hoping I find some kind of fun and satisfaction on here to help.x

So am i

I haven't found anyone yet