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I Would Realy Love An Affair.....

I would realy love an affair... to have a boy/girlfriend nobody knows about....I love secrets.
linda linda 18-21, F 104 Responses Feb 22, 2007

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add me dirty girl ;0)

Having an affair can be exciting! And fun!

I kbow from experience it is super exciting... Makes you feel alive... But stressful at the same time, keeping it from the other.

How 'bout we keep each other's secret?

it,s fun but can be dangerous just be carefully lots of scumbags outhere i learned the hard way and don,t just go with anyone

I'd like to talk to you if you would like I think we can have some fun :)

We should talk

You would be a really nice secret! :)

Mine were all of necessity but all were exciting, stimulating and well worth the time and effort. I wish you well in this endeavor, and I understand your motives completely. However, just realize that there are risks of all kinds that come with the package.

Secrets themselves can be quite exhilarating, an affair of secret lust, mindless of consequence...just dirty hot nasty *******

How long have u been thinking about having an affair?

Add me please

Me too. ;-)

be careful what u wish for. . its hard to let go when you're already hooked and feelings get into it. .

I wish I could find a girl like that. I would love to experience something like that

I would love the same thing.. to find a GF that no one will know about and we can take care of each others needs without getting hurt :).

I had a short lived affair (7 months) with a married guy. It worked out well for us because we were both able to be honest about what we wanted out of it. We were both married, not having sex at home, distant from our spouses emotionally. We weren't looking for anything more than friendship and occasional sex. Occasional became frequent and we got caught. We r still friends, we still flirt but everything else is on hold, maybe indefinitely we don't know. But it was fun and well worth it. Just make sure both parties have the same expectation.

You with someone or you looking for extra fun

Have you had any yet , if not are you going to

I would love to find a lady possibly married lady who is in the same situation as I am, that I can have an affair with.

But it not easy and that simple how and where do you find them

ya see below!!

I agree with DakFox. I want to have an affair with another married women, but locating her is next to impossible. Been married for 30 yrs. Been sexless for 4. Didn't think I'd miss it. Guess what, I do. Wife doesn't seem to be intrested anymore. Been looking for yr now. Much harder than I realised. Still looking though

ya yer correct,,,,,, again how to put it togather,, i would think that some food for thought,, would be,, knowing what you dont want is as important as what yer lookin for,, that goes for both men and women,,,no drama,, no controlling,, no negitivity, no selfishness,,,,and on the positive,, a positave outlook,, high libido,, a giving attitude with unconditional caring !! friends,, !!

I agree with u. Its hard to find someone local. I have been sexless for 3 year and i have been looking for awhile. I even had a vactomey so sex would not be a stress for my wife but that did not work.

Finding that certain someone is the hard part.

there are sure a lot of us in the same boat !!! wish i could put it togather

Humm, me too!

i am a widowerer if interested contact me

Affairs are fun, you should go for it

im in sydney australia if anyone wants to shair with me?

Affairs are fun!

I respect your life is your own to do as you choose, but you are part of a partnership with someone - Maybe if at the start you could be honest and say (to your partner) "Just so you know, I may have relationships without you knowing while we are together!"Whatever you decide, please could you read my post at the following heading on EP: I Think About Having An Affair<br />
Affairs Are Just Not Fair - Honesty Can Create Different Oppertunities!<br />
and just consider my words.Thank you and good luck!HFranky

Come to me.....