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I Would Realy Love An Affair.....

I would realy love an affair... to have a boy/girlfriend nobody knows about....I love secrets.
linda linda 21-25, F 105 Responses Feb 22, 2007

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Come to me.....

I feel the same way..

Hell yes

i have the same issue but only with another girl would i ever

I never thought I would meet a woman who feels how I do! I mentioned the thought of having a girlfriend and my husband flipped! He wants a *********, I don't want him included, just a girl of my own. If he wants to have an affair, fine, but find your own fling!

Yes sounds fun !! I feel the same way!!!

I am proceeding to have an affair----Her marriage is like mine,just existing----her husband is doing his own thing,comes home for clean cloths and than heads north. I'm in a sexless relationship.We agree to meet down the road and go slow---we have no intentions to ending our marriages at this time. Sometimes its the only way that it will work one way or the other.

boy there are certainly a lot of responses that dont seem to understand what this is all about,, first,, we want an affairs because there are some basic things missing in our relationship.. ,,the comments about one night stands are just plain off the mark,, there are no longings with the one night stands,, we who want an affair are looking for intimacy, clossness,, and those elements that are missing,,

I love it too. I am not single unfortunately. Been married for 17 years but would really like to have an affair.

I have had my share of one night stands, a nd while doing so I keep trying to get my wife to have a 3 some with anyother man. She would not give an inch on that, so I just keep on the one night flings. Wam Bam thanks you mam. Over 20 years I would say that I had a fling at least once a year. Our marriage was going no where, until she finally agreed to try a three way in Las Vegas. She got ****** by one heck of a nice pro stud, with me being right there to enjoy the spoils. After he left, we had the most wonder full sex that we had ever had. The next day we talked about it, and we both felt that it brought both of us closer together. Now we have sex at least once ever other month with a stranger. No attachment for either one of us. Just pure go old sex. No love, just enjoyment. Before this all happened, I know she had sex with an old boy friend, and I am sure that she knew about me. This has never been brought by either one of us.

Sober up, Young Soul. Affairs profoundly damage not only your family and those that love you the most (including any children you may have), but also the families of the people you potentially step out with. Believe it or not, we are our brothers keepers, and owe a duty of care to others in our society, even if we don't know them. So you want some excitement in your life? Do some charity work, help some disadvantaged kids, the impoverished or the sick in a hospice home. You'll find that by selflessly giving something away you getting permanent, lasting peace rather than the fleeting thrill of deception (which, by the way, will ultimately be uncovered).

Add me:)

There is another possibility... No one has mentioned, I have been married 10 years now, I love my wife and she loves me. However as much as that is great and all we are intimate maybe 4 times a year. This is mainly due to her health, she cannot enjoy intimacy due to pain from degenerative bone issues in her neck. It is not what you call a "turn on" for me and especially not for her. So now I am still healthy and have always had a strong sex drive and I LOVE to please my mate with a good hard pounding after a bath etc.. Now I ********** nearly every day instead. I am not sure I want the full affair but I would enjoy finding someone online to share some intimacy with maybe meet that person if it seems right. I have realized that sex is not as important as what we have and I am afraid to lose that. BUT, I will not put the burden on her, she had no say in her health issues. So that said, I left with few choices.<br />
I will not leave her as she needs me and I need her, even w/out intimacy, <br />
I either go without now or ??? If I can find a FWB in a similar situation it may allow all of us to enjoy some of what time is left. I have thought about this for over 4 yrs now, it is not easy to find that special lady that 'gets it' I am not a bad person / adulterer etc.. But I need a way to get through this time preserving our quality of life somehow. <br />
Thanks for listening, try not to judge me to harshly... That's Gods job. M

Hi. Nobody is here to judge you. I hope you find that person soon.

Hi, i would love to chat to you about all this..! Im 32, and very bored! Really don't think you'd be disappointed.. X

so many of us in the same boat,, here in southern colo,, very dry,,lol

It would be so exciting!!! I feel monogamy places a strain on the human soul.. Tat said I would never ever want to hurt anyone that way....

Few affairs remain secret. Are you willing to face the consequences, are you willing to lie, you cant have an affair without lying. Oh yes you might even feel guilty.

I love secrets also.<br />
<br />
I am having a secret affair with myself.<br />
<br />
I would not want to get hurt again, so I will settle for myself and my EP family.<br />
<br />
I am secretly telling my soul to people who I do not know and it feels good to get some stuff off my chest without being negatively judged and criticized. Besides most people in the real world act like they don't know or understand what you are talking about or what you are going trough. I might be talking to some of them and they don't know it. But they will not tell because they are scarred.<br />
<br />
Have fun with your secret affair. Good luck and be safe. stimulating aren't they....

i feel the same way i am not married yet but i feel like getting married and I already facinate about having an affair and seeing if i can get away with it

I too have given some very heavy thought into having an affair. But it hasn't been lets just find someone to do it with. I met a man at work who I fell for. His energy and his charisma was what turned me on. He has great sense of humor and a love of the arts. He feels drawn to me too.I am married and so is he. At times I feel like it would be wonderful to have this secret for myself. To do something that it was just for my own pleasure. Other times I am afraid of the negative consequences that may come. Or the fact that my friend would want more. Until I can figure it all out we remain apart.

Stranger sex...aquintence sex..can be fun for the moment....<br />
<br />
I went through this period of time...when I would **** anyone...and each time I went through the motions...during the was fun and erotic...but when it was over...I said to myself...and...nowwhat? Was it really worth it...and sometimes...HELL YA it was...bit other felt cheap...and just GROSS...<br />
I had done it so often that finally I came to a point where the emptiness became so overwhelming...that my brain finally said...can we be done now...and after that when I found the love of my life. Sometimes you have to get to the absolute bottom to get yourself back to the top....

Everybody loves secrets. The problem with them is that sooner or later, they will come out; therefore be ready to deal with the consequences.

sorry i want a looong term affiar with much sensuality,, much intimacy and a lot of long sensual lovemaking sessions much communication,, and trust,,

I have thought about it quite a few times. I don't know if I would want an affair so much as just a fling or a one night stand. I was travelling for work a couple of years ago with a girl I work with that was totally trying her hardest to get me to **** her. I did not and thank goodness. It would only make things very awkard at work. There have been a few other girls that I work with that I probably would have hopped in bed with in a heart beat given the chance.

there must be some members of this group that seriously want to act on thier desires


ya meee tooo,,, i remenber when i was 25 and a married friend said "we should get togather " and i didnt move on it ya stupid,,, now im lookin for a friend / lover / buddy here in colorado,, <br />
i can imagine the relaxing time dozing after sex,, the good conversations and the laughs sharing all that im missing now,,,,

I completely 100% understand. Its the mystery of it all. the oh i almost got caught rush. i would love to have that.

where can some of us put it togather,, im in colorado,, loooong dry spell..

my advice...<br />

At 51 I know I have about 20 years left to have some of the sexual experiences I want to have. I have been married 21 years and have had a lot wit my wife back when. Now there is a lot of love which I would not trade for the world but little to no sex. Conversations do not help and the no grows bigger. Affair? it may be time but with respect for self and other and total secret. Anothers wife in the same boat or something. No prostitues or taking advantage of young girl. A lover