I Want To Have An Affair With A Person, That's Married Already.

I'm a 24 year old male, somehow. The way my wife acts just makes me want to escape or be alone most of the time, is like she wants me all to herself and I do not have no breathing, must ask permission for everything in order to not have an argument room and when I confront her about the situation, apperently I'm a selfish person to her, its been like this since my last deployment witch I came back home not that long ago, my point is lately I had been in the need of finding somebody in my same situation or just some one who feels lonely, is just a crush on this desire, I love my wife, but pretty soon I'm going to have to volunteer for another deployment or something of that nature to spent some time appart.
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Ditto on zeina. You are both young. From what I get here is that you have already been deployed. Perhaps she is fearful. Fearful to let you out of her sight! It is difficult because of all you had to deal with in your situation, to understand how she feels. You spent time apart, when most couple are together, growing, learning to make life adjustments. Each time you leave, come back, it is like starting over again and again. She most likely wants a normal life, and she wants you, of she would not care what you do. So here fighting is mostly because she is afraid of losing you. (I have known people in your shoes) Being deployed changes a person, and it changes the person left here at home. You both have experiences now that you did not share because you were there and she was here. Go join counseling as a couple. If you love her and want to stay with her, it will help you to understand her and she you, that is what you need, not an affair. Affairs will cause heartaches, and pain, and could bring a permanent end to your marriage. THINK about it honey. Life is not easy, you both are still young and have been through so much. I wish you luck. GOD BLESS

The problem is that you can love a person but not necessarily like them.<br />
An affair will not help,believe me.It is like a scab on a wound it eventually falls off.<br />
Running away will not help either.<br />
It sounds like your wife feels very insecure.Maybe she is unable to express herself other than with negativity.<br />
You guys have to sit down together and talk it all through.<br />
Let her say her piece without getting defensive.<br />
What about couples counselling?<br />
Bear in mind that you are both still young and have a lot of marriage to get through.<br />
I wish you both luck!