To Those Who Want To Have An Affair...

Your relationships are already over when you take this step. Please reconsider or at least have some dignity and leave your partner before knowingly doing this behind their backs. Your partner deserves a second chance of finding someone who will not do what you're about to do. It's awfull how you people can think like this. People with real problems have real affairs without flaunting it on a forum... If you're a flaunter then you're after being naughty & the thrill of being caught. And loneliness is a really really bad excuse, rather break it off or work at your replationship if it's affection that you're after.

Peace xx
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3 Responses May 11, 2012

there's nothing wrong with thinking about it but not actually doing it

Amen to that I'm confused as to why someone would want to complicate a relationship by bringing another person into the mix.

This is a complicated subject. Sometimes affairs are for emotionally starved individuals male and female who often cannot (for whatever reason) articulate or enforce their needs or don't have the self possession to leave when it's time to leave, sometimes affairs are for people who are long out of love and tolerance for one another but they don't want to risk their accumulated assets by leaving the offending party. Some have the foolish idea that they can cheat but they need to stay married "for the kids" Some are religious and don't leave for that reason...some are bored, some are manipulative, some need attention and go about it in this way...Some just like a variety of sexual experiences. There are lots of reasons to cheat, I just wish people had the courage to leave and get on with their lives when the love is over. Life is too short. By the way, lovers always smell, sound, look and feel better than spouses but some are only good in bed, good at romancing a lover in irregular and limited dosages....when it gets down to the post affair realities of life, often, lovers are not so hot as husbands and wifes. On the other hand...some lovers are real "finds" and change a persons life in wonderful ways, there is no way to understand the marital trials of others, but, one should remember that personal integrity is in short supply these days, after all is said and done, your lover might end up being far worse than your spouse.