Closet Freak

the first time i felt a little freaky is when i wanted my best freind . i was 13 didnt know if she would want to. tell one night i just tryed and she was very willing i loved it. i stayed all night with her as much as i could. no one knew but me and her we even tryed vibraters. at school we where best freinds intell she moved then i was back to just being me. i felt so free when i was with her. i liked boys to but dreamed about her alot more. as i got older i would still see girls and think mm i would love to have her.when i got married wich i was only 16 it was a little better becaus i would watch **** with him (girl on girl) and i think i liked it more than him. i ****** him while watching two girls go at it was great i have always had the fillings of doing what some would say was freaky. my husband has never said anything to me i even let him have one of my freinds while i watched i would have helped him but was scared she would not like it .i am 36 know my son is 18 so it is my time the closet freak is coming out my husband has give me the go ahead so watch out world here i come
turleyj turleyj
36-40, F
3 Responses May 12, 2012

It's time you did what gets you off I say if it feels good do it, if that means bringing someone else into your bed (Either with or without) Your husband .. Go for it

Best of luck to you, sounds like fun...

come on. i will be waiting ok