From One Group "i Live In A Sexless Marriage" To Another...

I was not raised to take my vows lightly. No matter how many friends, family members and therapists implored me to leave my marriage (or at least reassure myself through the contact of another), I still do not feel right even in accepting the attentions of another man. nice it feels to have someone look forward to seeing me. Such simple words "I miss you", "you look beautiful", and "I love to see you smile". I always rolled my eyes at the exaggerations and hyperbole of people whose experiences I did not understand--drama, is what I said. Hearing kind words about my worth, about my sensuality...these are drops of cold, clear water after traveling across a desert of intimacy.

People, surely, will roll their eyes at that sentence. But to all those women who hear that echo in their heart, it can only help to hear the doubts, concerns and struggles of another.
Jbrigittemann Jbrigittemann
36-40, F
May 15, 2012