I am not married but have been with My girl for 4 years now. Before we got together the woman I was with help Me to understand Myself better. I am a Dom and Master by nature and love/desire/crave woman of all creed and color and most shapes and sizes. I am not ment to give Myself up to one woman alone. This was explained to My current love before becoming serious. Though it seems now that she wish to change Me, that I might love only her...but alas she is skinny and pale and irish. She will never be brazlian, or japanese or nubian. So I have told her in hope of understanding, but to often become the villan for such. I am told "you dont love me" and "maybe youd be happier if you werent with me". Well let Me say this, words I have held in high regard through out My life, "What you are not willing to do with you partner they will find someone that will."
miasMrK miasMrK
26-30, M
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Why have a relationship at all? It seems that it'd be easier if you were single. Please just practice safe sex.