I Need Advice Please

Ok im an attractive 35 yr old step father of a 7 yr old and i dont no if its normal shes been sleeping and ************ i caught her a few times and lastnite i was in my bed and woke up to her ************ in her sleep and i think she had an orgasem has any females did this and what do i do pleaseeee help
smitty1976 smitty1976
3 Responses May 22, 2012

Why would this be posted in the "I Think About Having an Affair" Experience group, and also as another poster commented... what does your appearance have to do with this situation... at ALL?<br />
The girl is fine - most girls and many boys - experience similar sensations/partake of certain explorations as their hormones are changing.<br />
That you posted the question in this area and that you tell us you're attractive as a prelude, is scary. I'm not making any accusations - just saying... it doesn't look good - for you.

Relax, this is natural, our daughters, especially the older one, did it all the time. She has no idea she is doing it. It will stop when she gets older.

Why did you need to include that you're "attractive" for this question? <br />
Its completely normal but this is a situation that her mother should handle.