If You Love Your Partner

If you love your partner, please seek counselling. Why would you want to inflict the pain of an affair on someone you love if you can fix the problems you have, yes even sexually. Some men don't understand the problem problems that arise for women after marriage, the strain of raising children, working, running a house, there can be so much stress some women lose sight of their relationship because of what is going on, but with the help you can overcome this, and if not you have to think if you are in the relationship for the right reasons. Is it worth loosing the person you love, or your children and sometimes your friends, family and self respect. My ex, while I still love him, hurt me so deeply that I left with our children. He is going through an ongoing depression because he has lost me, the kids, our home, our former life, our friends and respect from family. He said he feels worthless as a person. He said he'd take it back in a minute if he could becuase it wasn't worth the loss he is suffering now. Just think long and hard before you go through with it, the consequences of your actions and what is really the solution to your problem: either go to counselling or leave your marriage, your partner doesn't deserve this betrayal, and deep down you deserve to respect yourself. Lies only bring sadness in the long run. I hope this will encourage someone to make the right decision here.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

you dont have to lie i cheat all the time and then tell on myself...... life is great and you have to live to the fullest even if it means cheating on someone