I'm Thinking of Having An Affair!

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years, thinks are good on the outside but he doesnt show me any affection any more unless he wants to have sex! I recently got in touch with someone i used to work with and we both descovered that we like each other! He's got a girlf and a dog and a mortgage but he really likes me!

I dunno if it will go anywhere but i really want to spend the night with him, i want that feeling of somebody wanting me again, someone to hold on to me.

I'm suposed to be meeting him this saturday and i hope to god that he doesnt back out, i dunno if i will be able to go the 'whole' way with him but it will be nice to have someone to kiss and cuddle with!

If anyone can help me i would much appreciate it! Thanks

dodabs dodabs
18-21, F
4 Responses May 28, 2008

not true what jeffro says,, this may be a whole new begining for you,,,, you may be getting away from the cold,, you deserve better and there can be those that can give you that,,

You'll get that feeling for a little while but then you'll realize the same problems are still there.

agree with cropshop,, the intimacy will be wonderful,,

go for it,you will find the adrenaline rush fantastic.it puts a whole new spring in your step! I know I've been there recently. I'm in a stale relationship & certainly had no thoughts of regret before,during or after,we are only on this earth a short time so go for it girl !