I would love some male attention..i want to feel desired and special again. I want to share my thoughts and feelings..
i love naughty chat and emails...i fantasise alot and i have a very healthy appetite...
honeybeegirl honeybeegirl
41-45, F
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your ***** on my **** right now baby!! <3 **** sakes your a sexy little ***** arent you id make you *** so fast bbg :) im the man you need gurl xoxo send me something to beat it to please baby dall <3 i wanna blow my load all over your **** and face and maybe even get u pregnant cuz thats really hot caNT WAIT TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT LOVE YOU BABE

I want to make a woman feel special. To touch and kiss and caress her. To make her explode and shake. These days giving pleasure gives me pleasure. I have problems maintaining an erection so making a woman feel sexy and wonderful is my turn on. I have offered my wife that I will do anything she desires me to do. All she has to do is ask. She never asks so my sex life is ************ to **** on my computer. Feels good but something is missing. Would love to find someone who wants to talk naughty and feels free to say anything she wants without being judged. Someone to tell me fantasies that turn both of us on. I hope you find what you are looking for. Wish I didn't feel so lonely and undesired.

then come on girlie be my *****....and have a good master for you..

That is good...professionally employed guy here, 42 y/o, athletic......lets hook up

I'd love to chat.

I love naughty chat

Ahh,...a woman in her early 40's. The sexual appetite is almost fever like. Takes someone as equally special for such a task to tempt someone as special and honest as you are. Write back if you want to chat more.

There are plenty of places you can start this...try the grocery store...simply approach a man who looks confused (that is most of us.)...offer to lend a hand/opinion on something. Look him in his eyes and smile while doing all of this. He will get the hint. :) <br />
<br />
Good luck.

add me if you'd like i think we could be of mutual help to each other

add me if you like....i'll give you all the attention that you need