A Wonderful Affair..so Never Sorry, Was The Best Thing Ever In My Life

hi, i would preface and say that some consider affairs very wrong others not. my own opinion is that at times they are necessary and ok given the situation. i had an affair approx 5 yrs ago that lasted 1.5 yrs. i had been in a very sterile sexless marriage (not by my choice, rather i so tried many ways and things to attempt to make that better first) at that time in my life i thought it best for the kids to stay in the marriage, today i would have done that different...
so about 5 yrs ago, i put a ad on craigslist and had among many responses a particular lady that so intrigued and i saw as being so very combatable. over that 1.5 yrs we were friends first, lovers and grew to love each other so extremely much.... almost all of the most wonderous ways to be sexual and intimate i learned from being a mate to this lady...truly was the best of anything up to currently know to me. it was not only intimacy of the mind was of the body and the soul. She was in a marriage, in my opinion a terrible marriage, with a extremely narcasisstic man, who was very mentally abusive as well as physically at times. i had so encouraged her to leave, even to where we wouldnt have to be together, i would pay for all aspects of her and her children, where she wouldnt tell anyone even me if that was desired where she was at so she could heal and get her life where it needed to be...i soo cared for this lady. As life happens with an affair, eventually if a slight mistake is made, and she made a very sl mistake, he found out about her, and the highly manipulative person (if you dont know what narcasissm is plz get online to review, so never a good thing, so evil) and she was mentally forced to end our love/affair, and stay with him...even though she admitted how evil it all was that he had done and did. Just for reference that type of man will so destroy every fiber mentally in a womans head to make her utterly defenselesss, helpless to his abuse, and so makes her decision making impaired....
long story short..after forcing her to come back, apparently (with court records) she didnt serve him his meal fast enough one day and in a fit of rage, killed her. That beautiful person was killed all because of manipulation from a narcosisssitic man.. soo very sad. bye the way, he received 5 yrs , was elig for release in 2yrs and all is good for him.
Moral to the story is ..depending on your situation, dont let others control you with what you should and shouldnt do...do what is best for you. and honestly if you have that type of man or woman (the narcasissitic person) do whatever it is to get out and go...never stay.
if you wish to contact me feel free, i would be very open in my opinion of stuff. if your looking to connect and possibly get together i would like to talk to you as well. have a great day.
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Oh , that is so sad and yes narcissism is evil. Thanks for sharing

it is a terrible person n soo very harmful to the partner in every way...

What a poignant tale... I hope you can find some comfort in the happy memories you shared... I know you made her life a little better... peace

that is so sweet thank u it is so bittersweet n awesome can we chat plz? am carpenterjim65 on yahoo

My God, I am sorry to read this. It sounds like you n her had a beautiful connection on all levels. Having been in a mentally, and emotionally abusive relationship myself, I can understand how it was difficult for her to leave. Just terrible. That piece of **** should have gotten life.

thank you for your comment. it was soo hard to deal with that man and what he did. i had an opportunity to meet him, and frankly so came close to terminating him, but let it go. the death of her almost destroyed my life and at some point one has to focus on what they can and mentally attempt to move forward. she was such a wonderful lady, love and lover, and mother to her children. i was blessed and fortunate to know her and share her love.. jim

speechless after reading this story.....made me think lots

smiles wouldnt that be sweet, to know the future? lol i am really not for sure, cause that appreciation for the time we do have n the time shared is so precious and sweet. the saddest part of all of that...other than the fact that the love of my lifetime is gone and destroyed by a pig of a man, is that she was so beautiful..not just externally but so much internally..such a sweet person, caring, loving..tender and giving..and to be victimized and used by such a man she had..he literally had destroyed her, and left her a shell... that is the worst part, then in a fit of rage, took her life. in my opinion a 5 yr manslaughter charge (get out in 2yrs) is way unfair, but that is how life is.<br />
what it teaches me most is to so embrace life, to so feel smell taste all that life offers you today, cause tomorrow you may not have that coming your way. to enjoy life.

Wow, this is such a sad story, it makes one wish you could see into the future and avoid bad things, but we have to accept what life deals us, and deal with it in the present