About two years ago I began work with a new company and I was introduced to a man who is married and also knows my husband because they have worked together for the last six years. Actually the three of us worked together in the same building so we all know one another. I found myself completely attracted to this man and I have never looked at another man before since being married to my husband for twelve years. There is a physical attraction to this man for sure I can't stop looking at him or thinking about him.
I do believe the attaction is mutual because we often times find one anothers stare and hold it for a long time and he always smiles at me and makes it a point to say hello. I once got a hold of his cell number and texted him hello. He did respond to my text but im not sure if he knew it was me texting him. I told him my name and he took a while to respond back but he then did respond with wrong number.

since this text I stopped texting him and even though he has not text me back he still looks at me all the time smiles and even has begun to ask my husband questions about me and tells my husband how great I look. My husband no longer works with this person he was transferred to another building but when ever my husband is in contact with him he asks about me. My co workers have begun to notice how much this man looks at me and only me he says hello to. I'd like to text him again or talk to him but It's hard to find him alone and being that everyone knows my husband all eyes are on me. We are always watching eachother like it's unspoken but the attraction is there. I'd like to take it further but if I text him again I don't want him to respond wrong number.
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So I asked him if he knew it was me who text him a long time ago and he said he had no idea it was me, but he knows now and he chuckled. He asked if I text him from my phone because he would not haved recognized the number so he may not have responded. He never said not to text him or remind me that we are both married......

think of your family and surroundings first and its implications if you are going to involve with this man.

I really think this unspoken you look at him he look at you back thing is the most interesting experience ever. It reminds me of my own experience when I was in grade 7. =D Before you decided to take it further, don't forget that you have a husband that love you and trust you very much. Only if you really wanna play fire on yourself, or else, you should really think twice. One wrong step will lead to a mess with no turning back. PLAY SAFE... =)