I'm Thinking Of Having An Affair In Another Country While I Travel Alone.

I really want a non committing 2 week relationship with someone that I can try new things with , laugh, have fun, enjoy lots of hot sex and just be "me". I can give, as much you give back ;) Is this wrong?
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My wife is going on a business trip to a another city for just short of a week. Makes me wonder!!!!
Actually, I completely understand your drive on that! In fact, I get turned on by the fact that she might experience that kind of carnal encounter. I would definitely follow through.

The reality is that we have visions of what our lover will be like and how we will meet and how it will all go....culminating a breathless, sweaty, gripping ******.
But, when you finally go and sit at the bar, you get hit on by the winner of George Constanza look-alike contest (not that there is anything wrong with that.)
And, as the night wears on and the drinks disappear, you wonder how the hell hookups actually happen; you might start to get them beer-goggles on and end up with a suitable candidate.
Back at your hotel room, you find that he is too eager and has his tongue down your throat before you can shut the door, or worse, he is so shy that you have to do all the work.
As you two undress, turning down the lights (because we are not in our 20's anymore) you see that the art of man-scaping has not entered his mind, because he never anticipated this after-all. And so, anyway, your eyes wander down to his man-hood and you are treated the the largest, thickest disappointment yet. His monstrous love warrior is either shy and can't look you in the eye or is proudly erect and doing it's best tic-tac impersonation. You slowly drop to your knees (because that is what he expects) and inch slowly to his thicket, all the while hoping that he has taken the time to shower this evening. That is, you hope that that glistening on his pubes is from passion sweat and not oily left-over from his morning ********. And as he breaths heavily while you slowly suck him, you make sure your hands do not wander over to his back side there, because, well, you just don't know about his hygiene, and you just don't want to find out!
That thought only stays in your mind for a moment because he has just forcefully pressed your nose against his hairy abdomen, which means you are somewhat impaled and without oxygen. While he moans loud enough so those in the hall can hear his good fortune, you struggle to breath and grab his *** cheeks to pull him out of your skull. In doing so, your nails inadvertently scratch off ***-hair and other unknown bits of nether regions.
Now, somehow, two thoughts come into your mind.
First, you will NOT smell, nor investigate what is under your fingernails until you get to wash your hands, and
Second, you hope....no, you PRAY that he is not about to *********. All the reasons for not wanting that are too many to list here.
After a few moments of frantic pushing away and a near vomiting feeling he lets you go. You pull away, gasping for breath, eyes watering, mascara running, throat burning, stomach wrenching, coughing like a 100-year-old-smoker, and taking in his crotch scent stuck under your nose with every desperate inhale. There are no thoughts in your mind yet, except that you see him bend down to kiss you as if that was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to him.
Kissing gently, you start to stand and now you are determined to get him to the bed because you do not want a repeat of what just happened.
Pulling him to the bed while kissing, you sit, then lie back, and expose yourself to this stranger. Your hopes of taking a breather and enjoying a reciprocating oral experience are just of the mark, because instead of going downtown, he decides to go north with his mouth and continue kissing you....which means that yours and his are now meeting face-to-face.
Maybe it's through inexperience, or maybe through bad aim, but he can't seem to find the address printed on the invitation you sent, so you reach down and slide him into you.
NOW...your first thought will be: "My, he feels (fatter/thinner, longer/shorter, more/less bumpy) than hubby" You sigh because this is it!!! You finally consummated your fantasy...your long sough-after affair. Another man (not your husband) is enjoying touching your body and you are enjoying touching him. Or maybe not.
From here, it will go one of two ways. Instead of the slow, rhythmic build up of passion, he will either start pumping you in much the same manner you might see a chihuahua do it...like a frantic little devil man (and that would be the lucky kind)...otherwise he might decide that slower is sexier; and he intends to be the sexiest man ever!
Either way, you are up for a night of strange I-wish-he-had-and-had-nots....such as (but not limited to) fingers in improper orifices, in-appropriate body sounds, slapping or pinching too hard or not hard enough, pulling of hair (or not), too many/not enough sex positions, too quiet/too loud, unexpected dirty talk or lack of it, awkward "you can't go theres" and "I don't do thats", smells of uncertain origins, and finally, a concoction of sticky fluids that normally are sexy, but now just seem icky.
So, at the end of it all. Smelling like a stagnant mop, you watch your lover slink out of bed. It was all you had not expected it to be and you watch him bend over and pick up his underwear off the floor and start to put them on. You gaze at his sweaty, white, pale, hairy *** and think of what it looked like while he was frantically pushing in and out of you whilst hubby sits at home watching re-runs of the Cosby show. As he bends over you get glimpse of his garbage chute, the black glistening hairs are contrasted by the small white bits of toilet paper.
Just then, you remember that you have to go wash your hands.

I say go for it!!!! In any case you will have a story to tell you grand kids.....errr maybe not.

He hee every girl needs a cabana boy to indulge from time to time

I wish i could b that man 4 u.im a 32 yr old man with lots of sexual exp. My woman always gets off.i have fairly large member,8 1/2 in. And would love to eat u out.u would b my cougar and i would set ur wild erotics fantasys free.i live in des moines,ia.if u r ever in area let me know.im throbbing right now while i imagine being deep inside u.thrusting harder,deeper while i hold legs spread eagle.our bodies moving together as one flesh with me deep inside u while i rub ur **** then i go down on flicking u with my tongue while press my finger deep inside on ur g spot.rite b4 u *** i plunge deep inside u again pushing harder & deeper both of us moaning as we *** together in one moment of explosive ecstasy.if ur interested let me know.

Do it! It's amazing and thrilling and romantic. You will have the best time as long as you can keep it a secret for the rest of your life. I've done it and don't regret it at all. In fact I even joined the mile high club while on this particular trip! :)


Yes its wrong but that is what makes it so hot... come visit me... find me at G ma iL and i will give you or anyone that finds me a link you will like ;)

I had some really hot sex while traveling alone to the Orient, however I did end up marrying the girl and have been happily married for 15 years. Instead of the hot sex now we just compare which parts of our bodies ache the most, but hell it is still good in my book.

Mmmm yum