Needing Guidance

So I've written on here a few times now about my situation. Things got pretty heated with my mm, no sex still. But now I'm wavering. I love my husband so much and am pretty happy in my marriage. This guy I've been playing with is strictly sexual. He boosts my confidence and makes me feel alive. But now when I see him I feel like I'm just waiting for him to turn me on. I don't want to be desperate and so that's turning me off. But I can't ignore what happened. Do I let it play out and see if he comes back around? Or should I just call it good now and know that I had him for a moment and move on?
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

in my opinion.. move.. on ...

family is the greatest thing..
rest of the pleasure will come and go..

pleasure. great but is it really worth losing everything that you and your husband have? just a thought. maybe satisfy with swingers or something so its mutual and sexy too..

a little bit of attention and some "basic" fun is great.... but be careful..... going further although wonderful in many ways is also very complicated..... and dangerous.<br />
I too have had an affair.... and I really do struggle sometimes with the emotional seesaw that I ride.....pleasure vs. guilt <br />
We all strive for attention and affection.... careful the upsides are there for sure...but the HUGE downsides are only a slipup away....