I Don't Really Want To.........

I never wanted something like this. Until I met him. It's an internet relationship in the sense that we talking mostly online. We do actually know each other, but never have hung out without other's around. I'm trying to figure out what he wants,  because he is constantly giving mixed signals. I guess the big fact is that him and my husband are pretty good friends, and they work together closely. I feel bad for wanting him, and thinking about him. I just can't seem to help it. It's so confusing!!

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6 Responses Jul 16, 2008

If your bound and determined to have an affair at least do it with someone outside your circle of friends. Doing this is going to ruin the friendship and your relationship and if that happens I can garuntee that the other guy won't stay with you either because who wants a girl that you know cheats.

It starts innocently enough...or does it? Stay away.Its easier to end it now then when things get even more involved and complicated. Its noteasy covering up your feelings for someone who isnt your spouse. I had an affair and it ended up hurting me in ways i never would have thought. Its a painful experience when it is all over.

You need to stop that. because even if you two aren't doing anything if you act like that with each other the husband will start thinking something is going on and then he will pull the whole stalker thing. Talk to the guy in private and find out what he feels.

He definitely knows there is something different about this guy than the rest. He knows that 'Josh' likes me as more than a friend. When Josh and I are together, we finish each others sentences and my husband felt like he was the third wheel in the conversation.

Been there and done that. If your husband ever finds out anything the friendship will be ruined. You need to talk to the guy and see where he wants this thing to go. Is it worth it to act on it? Or should you just look at as a crush and admire from afar?

Sounds like he may be confused too. Wanting you too, but also wrestling with the relationship he has with your husband.