I Love My Wife But I Need Something Else

My wife is just not doing it for me anymore. I love her i don't want to leave her. I want i need a friend with benefits a shemale
Crazygil Crazygil
31-35, M
5 Responses Nov 7, 2012

Your giving into your desires. Don't do it.

Don't give into your desires???

Mine did it. I am trying o forgive but can't seem to forget

I can relate. Keep in mind, you will find some people on this site that are narrow minded. They can't see the grey area. Relationships go through many phases. You may love your spouse, but not be passionate about them. How long have you been married?

That is the meanest thing ever wanting to have an affair with another woman shame on you. A real man wouldn't ever think about doing stuff like or even think about cheating on his wife ,if you really love her like you say you won't go out and do that to her. If a man cheats ones he will always cheat. How can you even say stuff like that don't you have any values as a man. Thats why woman don't have respect for men like you cause all you can think about is cheating or having an affair. Why not be honest with her and tell her how you feel about the situation i am sure she will understand and will do everything to make you happy. Be an open and honest person and be a mature man and own up on everthing. Why give up seven years of a marriage for one nights of cheating i am sure youre wife will be devasted if you do that. And for even thinking about it woooooooow. That just makes me lose my respect for another man.

Shame on you! How would you feel if she did that to you? You wouldnt be real happy would you. Grow a pair! Get out first, then rip out her heart.