Seeing My Friend's Mom Topless. She Acts Perfectly Normal Now But I Can't. Please Read For Details..

I and my best friend live next door and I know his parents well and they know me. I was in Spain. They visited Spain and they wanted to go to a beach. We are from America though. I took them. My friend's mom is extremely good looking. I always had a liking for her. She was with her clothes on. I guess it was because I was around though it was a topless beach.


The next day, I guess she wanted to go topless so, they told me, "the beach is different. Lets forget what we see here when we leave" in a joking way. Then, she said, "You are a big boy, so no problem taking my clothes off".

Then, she took her blouse off and then her bra off. It was like thunder had hit me. She had nice breasts. To make it worse for me, she even played badminton topless with her husband. Her boobs jumping around.

I could not help but taking a video and pics secretly of her.

She was doing all this with her husband and she has no bad intentions. She genuinely wanted to be topless but considered me okay to see her topless.

We slept on the sand at night and when we had to go shopping, she even asked me to hook her bra up. She had a conversation about her bras and what color she wears. We played games with me, her husband and her. Like once, pouring tomato sauce over each other. I poured it over her bare breasts.

Maybe, and I mean maybe she enjoyed teasing me a bit. At first, when I was not mixing well, they said, "This is the beach. Forget life outside and feel free but when we return remember what happens at the beach, stays here".


But the thing I don't understand is that when we are back and I visit them casually like always, she is well covered and decently dressed and does not even seem to think that she was topless in front of me.

She is very good looking but she is old so I guess she knew I had lusty thoughts. She told me while I was there that, "Honey, what happened at the beach stays there."

But now, I am mad with lust for her. J**king off thinking of that experience has become part of my life now.

Back home, even when she bends, she holds her chest to avoid showing me cleavage even though she knows I saw her breasts fully.

She genuinely loves her husband and she was not flirting with me but maybe enjoyed teasing me but she is totally different back home.

Is she really thinking I would have forgotten the beach? Was she serious when she says what happens at the beach stays there?
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Well written and hot. I am positive that her and her husband have thought of you having her. They just do not know how to approach you I would feel lost just as you not knowing what to do. At your age, I think that you could get away with telling either one of them how hot you were when you saw them on the beach. Ask: "Am I out of line?' If they say that you are, just say: "I am sorry for saying anything."

I'm not sure that this is great advice. How awkward! She may begin to think of you as the pervert next door (even if her inappropriate activities are what started this whole thing). I don't there's much you can do. Maybe you can seem interested, but without saying anything. Try spending some time at her house without the husband. If she still seems distant, back off. I feel for you. This is a difficult predicament.

We do spend time sometimes. We work together so drive to work together so I drop into her home a lot. Should I show interest? How can I without seeming too obvious but still showing some.

You may need to be obvious, but don't SAY anything inappropriate. Flirt. How is it that you work together?

Maybe she just enjoys some young guy checking her out. It makes her feel desirable. If she's covering up now, she probably realizes she took it too far and doesn't want to lead you on.
Also, her husband must be a moron.

Also maybe her son is around. I am confused but I madly am in lust with her.