My Best Friend That I Did Not Marry

When I was about 20, a good friend that I worked with and went to school with introduced me to his fiance; he only knew her a few months but she was "the one". She was very pretty and personable-we immediately became friends. They married, I married. We stayed friends but I fell in love with her and always thought, if my marriage ended and her marriage ended, we'd be together. It almost happened-she got divorced, I got divorced-we dated a few times. I was wild about her-while she was older and so was I, but she was still the beautiful and wonderful girl I met 30 years ago. But she said I wasn't ready for a relationship. I met someone else and got married. Marriage is hard work and miss this woman very much-still talk to her on the phone and via email-she never married but is seeking the right man. Maybe someday it will be me.
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Sounds very similar to my situation. My first love at 16, comes back into my life and now hes gone again. I wonder if we should put that much emphasis on situations experiences that really have not benefited us in any way.

You just can't go back that far-I thought of that too-wow...16! I bet he still saw you just the way you were at that age and you saw him the same way but that's all just the physical. Romance is 90% in the head. I looked up my first love when I was getting divorced about 12 years ago-found her picture on line-she worked in the same area as me but didn't contact her-it was a nice fantasy though. If you are seeking romance, it's best to start fresh. Perhaps what might get you feeling better is a male friend to talk to....

Yes are you thinkin yourself maybe,

By the way,my friend (Patti) did meet someone a few months ago and she is deliriously (I glad for you but very jealous); my marriage has fallen apart and is worse than living with my sister (if I had a sister). BTW, I see no harm in men having women as friends-it's just husbands and wives who view it differently. People need to vent and talk and help eachother-there is probably more love and caring in friendships than in marriages-crazy huh?

So true im glad you chatted to me

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