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Is She Innocent Or Maybe Teasing Around With Me? Please Read Fully To Understand.

I went to a topless beach with my friend’s mom and dad. She is also my neighbour and I have grown up with them all my life. I am 21 years old and she is 40. My friend (her son) lives in another city and her husband is a pilot so he is home only 3-4 days a month. Also, he is well known to have affairs with women.

Let me explain everything in 3 stages. Before going to the beach, at the beach and after returning.

Her son and husband are away and my parents moved to another city recently. So, since I know her, I always go there and she calls me also as she is bored. I have dinner almost every day in her place. She is very beautiful. Thats a fact. She is also very modest. She wears clothes covering her body well and even covers her neck with a scarf.

She treats me like a child. She says, for my marriage and her son’s she will help pick a bride as she says “You 2 are still children to me”

Her husband came to the beach but he is always drunk and sleeping. She was reluctant to go topless at first. The she said, “You are a big boy. I can feel free around you.” She removed her blouse and bra.
She said, “What happens at the beach stays here.”

It was like thunder struck me. Her breasts were like if you search in google for “king coconuts in tree”. Not talking about coconuts for their size but for the shape. Hers are big but not like too big. I didn’t know how she had kept them inside her blouse.
Since her husband is always sleeping and drunk, she was with me. Btw, I have been termed good looking in school and I have a great body. In the water, we were topless. I liked it in the water cause I didn’t have put down my erection but she had a problem. This makes me wonder. Her nipples are like fully erect and ripe. In the water and when we used to walk in the land where out jeep was.

Our jeep was in the land away from the beach. Just me and her were there. She said that I should not be shy and asked me to take my underwear off. She said, I was like a child to her and that she has seen me naked when I was a baby. She said, she was a woman but is topless and also said would not mind taking off her panty, if I did.

I didn’t for 2 reasons. I wanted to hide my erection and also we were alone and if I saw her without a panty, I might jump on her and satisfy myself.

Here is the strangest part. At home she is very calm and modest. She even holds her chest while bending to prevent showing cleavage. WTF. I have seen her topless.

She is the type who is innocent. Maybe she thinks of me as a child (but old enough) to show her body. She needs my company cause her husband is only there 3 days a month and even on the beach he is drunk. Her husband cheats on her. This does not justify but I want her badly.

The thing that is confusing me is her nipples were erect when she was with me. She was turned on. She wanted me to go naked and even said she would too if I did. She also added I was like a child. Its like hard to understand. But she is willing to go nude. Why? Next time at the beach, she might go nude. Or I think she will. But by now, I madly want her. I can’t sleep with all the lust. I might go crazy. I want her that bad. I am past the stage of thinking whether its good or bad.

But she also said She treats me like a child. She says, for my marriage and her son’s she will help pick a bride as she says “You 2 are still children to me”. She behaves mostly like an “aunt like” figure. She is also the nicest woman I know. Even if someone is rude to her, she will reply nicely.
When I think of her saying at the beach “What happens at the beach stays here” and her being modest. I feel she is over it.
But she says we can go to the beach again a lot and is even planning a day.

Is she is innocent (maybe she thinks of me as a child (but old enough) to show her body) or she is teasing me? What should I do? Have I missed any opportunities?


I bought her a necklace which cost me nearly 2 years of my salary. I did not have the courage to give it to her all these days.

But now I gave the necklace. She was overjoyed. But she said this, "You are so sweet. Always my child. Your future wife is so lucky."

"Always my child". This is what she said.

She said she will wear it when I am there. She knew it cost me 2 years of my salary. 
I told you she always wears a scarf and covers her neck. But now she wore a low cut dress. Her neck and even a bit of cleavage was visible.

She tied her hair and turned away from me and said "Go on". I put it on her neck. I go ad when I see a woman's neck from the back and this time with a necklace on. I would have hugged her from behind. She turned.

She said, "How do I look?"
I said, "As always beautiful"

She was blushing. She looked gorgeous. I think she changed her bra as well cause now her boobs were shaped like the coconuts I said on the beach. Must be a loose bra. With a low cut dress and hair tied and a beautiful necklace.

She then said, "You should also remind your friend (her son) to think of me at least for birthday." Only now I recall that statement. Not then.

The necklace I gave is a long one. It drops right between her 2 breasts and reaches the lover part of her boobs. I bought it that way to make sure it did. When I saw it go in between.

Thats when I hugged her from front. I felt her bra straps at the back.

Then as I stated before. 
Then I said, "I felt like hugging."

She said, "Honey. I have told you before to be open. You can hug me and be free with me. Don't be shy around me. My husband did not even call for my birthday. You are 10 times what he is to me. Don't be shy."

I said, "Okay"

She said, "You must prove it. Next time at the beach, not pants. I want to see. I am a woman and I am willing to remove my panty, why are you shy? Come. Lets have dinner, sweety."

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I Certainly think she is torn at what to do and wants you to make the first move, what the first move is, is the difficult part. I like the suggestion about responses to the always child statement of, I am all grown up now! Or if you are planning another day at the beach you need to make the suggestion like you would be willing to take your pants of if she still wants you to. I to am not going to comment on the morality of the move, but she certainly sounds hot and if she choose to follow your lead then its her choice. Would love to see a picture of her if you have some and we can chat on email at

Based on what you've written, You are in a holding pattern. Both waiting for the other to make a move.

You need to up the flirting. How about next time she calls you a child say something like "I'm a fully grown man now" and see what her reaction is. Next time she says "your future wife..." you say something cheesy like "If my wife is half as beautiful as you I'll be lucky man" Etc. You're going to need to think on your feet and sharpen up your skills here.

Don't say anything weird like you've always loved her. Stay cool. I doubt she wants a lovesick puppy following her around.

BTW. stiff nipples in anything but very warm water is a probably physical reaction.

Romantic I suppose but presents are difficult to explain to her H so now she has to hide it and think of an excuse if it's discovered etc. she's not into you for your gifts. You are not a sugar daddy!

She seemingly wants to show the ways of the world. Let her teach you.

I know you've already bought it. I'm saying it's an unnecessary gesture. You don't need to woo her with gifts. If she's interested in you sexually you need to flirt with her and gauge her reactions. See how it plays out. You are are the other man (OM) in this scenario. Gifts and traditional romantic gestures are not required. The rules are different. This is an illicit affair. She's not going to leave her husband for you. What she wants (IF she's interested) is male attention. She wants some passion and desire in her life. You could be it. But if she feels you're not level headed enough and will go crazy if she starts with you she may not want to take the risk.

Remember, she's not yours. Never will be.

You've given her a very expensive gift. She's probably thinking "OMG I'm going to break his heart."

Don't start what you emotionally can't handle.

It sounds like she is torn internally as to what she wants too. My impression about the apparent "mixed messages" is that she may want you to make the first move (e.g. you take your underwear off first, etc.). If you make the first move, then she could always say to her husband (if the facts ever came out) that you made the first move and then she couldn't help herself if both of you had sex.

I think she is torn internally because her husband probably makes good money as a pilot and she has financial security with him, but you are probably a good looking young guy who would give her the sexual attention she really wants and needs, and her husband is denying her. The best solution for them as a couple would be to get counseling, but you can't control that. The best solution for you... I don't know.

But despite your urges, be patient. Their child is adult and grown, like you. She might be willing to move on at this point. Perhaps if they try counseling and it doesn't work, then they might split and the two of you might have a better chance and with better circumstances. Like someone else said, if you have sex with her now, everything will be different and you can't go back and it will have implications with the whole family. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, you may want to say (at the beach) that you have feelings for her but in good conscience you've got to know that she's tried counseling first with her husband and that it's over before proceeding. In a sense, you'll be letting her know you're interested but being genuine and perhaps also perceived by her as playing hard to get.


You have repetitive questions and sound too "confused." Bet you are really a chick looking for some cyber attention

Just play along and gradually up the ante in ways that are titillating but could still be construed as innocent. Sooner or later it'll either tip the balance into your fantasy or she'll re-assert her control and back right off. I think next time she's going to need some sunscreen ;)

While this is an implicit "go for it" I'm not really commenting on the advisability of it, only you can make that choice and it kind of seems like you already have...

Baby steps. Like trying to get close to a wild animal that only partially trusts your intentions and could bolt at any sudden movement. Small incidental contact that seems innocent, extremely mild flirting, no crudity or outright propositioning, let it gradually unfold... You might want to have a **** right before you see her to help keep your urges in check until she's ready...

A little extra eye contact, then look at her lips, not her breasts... when at rest, start with your shoulders a half-turn away from her, not head on, then slowly start to mimic her posture and gestures, not identically and not right away, gradually, naturally. Match your rate of breathing to hers if you can, but not exactly in synch, just more-or-less to the same rhythm. Easy does it... she either won`t know what hit her and end up jumping your bones or she`ll spook, but as long as you don`t cross the line in a way that isn`t plausibly deniable, she`ll think it`s her own doing, not yours...

Probably. Be more indirect, like let her overhear you praising her beauty, not specific assets, while talking to someone else.

It's a body language cue that signals compatibility. Most of the time we do it unconsciously. Same with looking at her lips and slightly lingering eye contact. They're arousal cues that bypass the conscious mind.

lol I'm a bad bad man.

If the spark isn't there, no amount of trickery will cause it to appear, but if it is, stoking it into a fire is pretty much a science.

You need to lose the urge to talk. Talking can get you into trouble because it's tough to know the right thing to say. Don't over-think it and censor yourself too much, but the real conversation is in body language. Just try to keep the conversation light, maybe mildly suggestive, and concentrate on the vibe, not the words.

Few things can ruin one's chances like an inelegantly worded proposition. When the time is right, move, don't talk. Don't kiss her - get halfway there and let her close the gap, and if she doesn't, turn it into an innocent motion or a joke.

If you heed my words, soon you will become a Jedi Pimp, Padawan...

No, if she raises a subject it's safe to pursue, but watch for signs you're losing her or negative changes in the tone of the conversation and be ready for a fast redirect.

Undercover Sex Signals
The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them

Gotta love it when scientists actually give you research you can USE. ;)

I can only get so specific without being there, but you're thinking along the right lines. Be VERY aware of her body language though. Whatever you do, act confident and never give the impression that her reaction phases you. Any bad reaction, turn into a joke or just ignore and change the subject or activity.

Alright, you're on your own. I've got a toddler underfoot here. gtg

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My nipples are constantly erect to some degree, it doesn't mean that I'm always wanting to have sex with whomever I may be with at the time. Big **** just have big nipples sometimes.

The only part of the story that would lead me to think she might want to do something with you is the fact that she told you to take off your pants and she might too.

I'd be willing to bet that she knew you had a hardon and wanted to see it.

Just got to the beach with her again to find out.

Yes! Just go to the beach with her and see what happens. But this time, if she says she'll take her panties off if you take off your underwear, you should remove your underwear!