Freak In The Bed

Everybody has a bit of freak in them, it just takes the right person to bring it out.
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Well, coming from someone who is *cough* gifted *cough* I think that it will take a little but more than you think to bring the "freak" out of people.

But some just know how to unleash it ;)

Before you do end up having an affair just imagine what if your spouse was having one. Would you like it? If you go ahead even if your answer is no, don't let your partner find out. Not because it will harm your affair, but because it will harm him more than it will harm your affair.

I'm not going to let him find out if I am having one .... But it's been 5 years of HELL & I haven't had one yet .....

I'd love to help you bring out your freak...

patience , trust and the right words at the right time seems to do the trick....

still seeking my freak finder, if she exiists.

They're out there trust me ;)

Based on experience or on hope lol

Experience ;D

Haha. Goodo

You know it ;D

And nothing can be worse than being convinced that someone is going to push your button and its not even close :-)

Exactly ;)

Lol. But there is the fun and challenge of finding the one who can

Mmmmhummmm ;)

Haha. You know so :-)

HAHAHAHA ..... No, but a girl can fantasize can't she ?!?!? Lol

Of course she can. Do tell lol

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Aint that the truth.

The right person
Twisting the right knobs
And pushing the correct buttons
Its a complicated affair
But when the settings are right
And the frequency finely tuned to perfection
Oh my...

Def oh my!!!! ;D

So very true

This is so true!!! Hopefully it's with your spouse. But why is it so much easier to be freaky with a lover?

Because they know you ..... The inside & outside ...

But they also know how to use it against you as well ;)


True! And I miss that. :(

Very true!