Last Night

Last night was probably the best nights in a long time ..... Well since NYE...... I went out with a couple that are friends of mine. My oldest daughter babysits their children.

The husband invited his friend to come along with us. His friend is going thru a very nasty divorce & is basically a man ***** right now lol.....

He tried several times to hook up with me last night..... But here's the kicker ..... He knows my husband from work. lol. I just played it off & told him he was being a ho & go get one of the hoes off the dance floor.

Now .... The couple that I went with has a thing about getting with others at the bar .... I didn't know this before last night lol.

I made the mistake of asking the wife to make sure my *** wasn't hanging out tonight because I'm commando ....

Well apparently that turned on the husband very much because he literally FELT UP MY *** all night long .... With her standing right there with us!! I looked over at her & said will you please go commando for your husband at least once lol....

The husband grab my *** & said where are you hiding those panties lol .... I said no where .... its not like they can fit in my back pocket because these jeans are so damn tight & no matter how many times you check my ***...... There's none under there ;D

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11 Responses Jan 20, 2013

ah hell the husband knew it that was just a way to keep copping a feel of that sexy ***, can't blame him there i would have done same thing if given a chance,lol please add

He he mmm I bet your *** looked great

wow - your friends seem cool too... she let's him feel you up ...and you let him feel you up.. what a lucky guy . Has he or any other guy or woman .... gotten any farther that that , with you? Have to been with a woman before ? Are you going to let the husband or his man ho friend... **** you ..ever..?

Yes, she did!! lol. They do that kind of thing .... They asked me several times to spend the night as well ;D. I declined lol.

Hell ya I let him.... Why not? She was very cool with it lol.

No, I have never been with a woman. I find women very sexy & I enjoy dancing with them, but I do not get turned on by them if that makes any sense.

No, I will not sleep with the man ***** or the husband or wife. Lol

Good times, I hope you can find and get .... what it is your searching for and need..

Good for him!


I luv it..Sounds like you and they had a fun time. That is the point right?? Have fun?

Exactly!!!! It was all just for fun!!!

Always better when that is understood...;) Every one needs to just have a little fun once in awhile.

And fun it was ❤

Lucky him, wish it was me. :)

lucky guy, did you enjoy it? x

Yes, I did ;)

Sounds like a wonderful fun night.

It was ;)

Very nice. Also what a lucky guy to be able to feel your *** ;)

He wasn't just feeling ...... He was grabbing & pinching too lol ;D

Well, well, well! ;-)