I live in a sexless marriage. Most of the time it doesn't bother me so much. I can pretty much take care of myself. But then again I miss being touched & kissed by a man. I am considering finding myself a man on the side. I need satisfaction one way or another because my toys alone aren't cutting it!
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The reason we humans get together with another person is because we have a need that we would like them to satisfy. Before dating, it is important to realistically soul-search and identify your needs and give them an order of priority, from what you cannot live without to what you don't have to have to live. As weird as this sounds, you exchange these needs with the person you will end up dating. Before you get serious, both of you need to realistically gauge if you can meet each other's needs.
Selflessness is the main key in knowing other the other person will meet your need. Having the same needs makes it easier for the needs to met easily e.g. of you love sex and he loves sex. However, if he's selfish, he'll satisfy himself with you but he'll not satisfy you.
It is not too late even if you already are in a relationship. You can demand you both discuss your individual needs in the order of your individual priority. You need to make it clear that without knowing each other's needs and their order of priority your relationship will not last. If this scares him then he'll sit down to discuss. If he dismisses it, he's not worth you relating with him, because you will end up cheating and thus hurting the relationship. You'd rather leave the relationship without hurts than with hurts.
I fully relate with you. Read my story: Unromantic, Sexless Marriage, Until Break - Affair. I with you well and happiness.

Keep it all in perspective girl...and ...find a like minded partner that shares or at the very least is totally understanding. You are definitely not alone on this.

mmmmmmmmmmmm how can aman not touch a woamn..even eat her out..or *** her hard and good???

Find a man who is in need too. The hard part will be not to get emotionally attached.

Wish I could help. I too long for sex, intimate sex, full with passion. So, tired of feeling like I'm a chore. I need to kiss, touch, rub, and caress a nice, soft woman's body. I need a woman who enjoys the affection of sex. I feel your pain.

Thanks for responding ;) I have no intentions of leaving the marriage but I have no intentions of living without sex either!