Suprised I Am Looking

I have to admit I am kind of supirsed I am looking for an affair. I mean how do people even start an affair? Yes I am married and generally things are good but I am married to someone who works all the time. She is a great person but I miss the intimacy and sharing things with someone. I am also a very sexual person and I feel as though life is passing me by. So I guess that is why I am thinking about an affair.

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4 Responses Aug 21, 2008

Have you told your wife any of these things your feeling?

I am willing to bet your wife feels the same way. Honey an affair is not worth the moments of lust you thing will cure this feeling. You want to have a hot affair? Have one with your wife. Sweep her off her feet. Re light the passion and fire in your heart for her and it will ignite the fire in her. Be the change you want in your relationship and I promise it will get better. Plan romantic dates or a get away if you can afford it and surprise her with it. Show up at her work place with flowers or take her to dinner on the whim. The other women in her office will be envious and talk about how lucky she is to have you and that will get her going too. Use some creativity. You will be rewarded.

Have you ever thought that she may miss the intimacy too? Having an affair isn't going to achieve anything. Many women tend to become attached...she will want more. You may not...she will threaten to tell your wife or worse accidentally fall pregnant! (I have seen that before - the man committed suicide because he wanted to be with his wife and she could not accept that he had an affair and a child to someone else whilst they were married) OOPS! Not so exciting after all is it? Have you thought about telling her how you feel?

I think you need to stop and think about the damage you are about to bring on to your marriage. If you really loved your spouse, you wouldn't be thinking about cheating. How about planning a special night with here instead of putting all that negative energy into finding someone else to be with? Believe me, if she finds out, you will crush her...I have been here sucks and it hurts!