We met at work two years ago. Sure I thought he was attractive being a musician, tattooed, metro type of guy. Not typically the guys I had been attracted to like my husband, good ol' boy, frat guy, clean cut.

So co-worker and I became good friends. I bece more attracted to him and we would compliment each other he's tall, in shape, dark hair, brown eyes. We started an emotional affair, sharing everything. I even asked one day "if we weren't married do you think we'd date?" His answer was hell yea...I had my in.

Last month he left the job for another opportunity. I missed seeing him. We began texting everyday and they started to become naughty little texts. For instance, how he wants to take me from behind, how I want to give him a blow j*b in the back seat of my car, and how his wife didn't do anything for his birthday but I would have kept him in bed all day and licked his birthday cake off of every inch of his body!

We decided we'd kiss to see if there was even any chemistry. We met this week in my car. I was excitedly nervous! So he said 'hold my hand and close your eyes' I did and then felt his soft wet lips touch mine and then we both opened our mouths and began using our tongues to taste one another. He would lean over the console and grab the back of my thigh to pull me closer. Yes, I was getting wet. He then moved his hand up toward my breast for a quick feel. Oh my God he felt good! The kissing was amazing! I looked down and he was rock hard! We continue to kiss and he leans in to my neck and gives it a little nibble. The pleasure and small bit of pain were so erotic.

At that point we decided whatever we do next is going to be phenomenal. We went back to our jobs and continued to text what naughty things we were going to do to one another next time.
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Do you have plans to see him again?

Yes. Tomorrow. We actually text all day. Not much work getting done. ;)

That's hot !! I wish I had something like that with someone else ..

Awesome i could have been there .... u could have feel more excited dear...!!!

That's how it started with me and my now girl friend it was an affair over a long distance we would meet part way and have fun in the cars then into a motel enjoy your time with him

The beginning stages of any affair is always fun, erotic, and exciting. I wish you the best of luck as you continue down this path.

Thank you, it is fun!

Then enjoy the time you have with him while you can.