Love My Husband, But......

My husband and I rarely have sex and he is not into anything other than "normal" sex. I, on the other hand, am pretty kinky and willing to try just about anything. I have always been this way and I think my husband thought that once we were married, my desires/fantasies would go away. I, on the other hand, thought that once we were married, I would be able to get him to do more than have sex in the missionary position.

For me, the longer this goes on, the more I want to get out of this and into a relationship with someone who loves sex, and everything that goes with it, as much as I do. I do love him and even thinking about leaving him is scary....we have kids, house payments, car payments.....but I continually think about having an affair, finding someone who will do things to me, do things with me, that my husband will not.

I'm glad there are websites like this, so that people like me know we are not alone.

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First of all you deserve to have your needs met. There are never any easy answers and once you are in a partnership other considerations come into play, but don't feel bad about considering your own needs. <br />
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All the best with whatever you decide<br />
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As you all know from my comments , I have been there and done that and for me affairs was the only action I could take. It in fact that allowed my marriage, as it is to continue on its way keeping contentiousness at bay and provided the secure environment wherein no threat of separation or divorce was probable.<br />
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It is a very risky undertaking you are considering and once on that path you are committed .However, if you are as sincere in your love for your husband as you clearly maintain why not continue to explore the more interesting aspects of sex with him. Continue to broach this subject to him. encouraging him to get with it. You are after all still having sex and intimacy just not to your complete satisfaction. For those of us in completely sexless marriages we might settle for what you have now.<br />
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I honestly cannot not believe that any man would not not try to supply his loving wife wife with all of her desires both be it materialistically or physically. It may be merely a fantasy of mine but I believe when you love you someone you do it heart and soul. To not attempt this is to actually spurn the love offered. <br />
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I do wish you well in this and really am saddened at the circumstance you find yourself currently in.<br />
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If I may add I think you husband doesn't deserve you and is a lucky have you on his team.

Just be careful with what you decide to do. I am not against affairs but remember that they can have huge impact on the people involved. The people involved need to know what the expectations are before anything happens. I wish you luck.

I'm in the same, home, bills....and a wife who is a refuser. lol.....I also love the kinky stuff. Of course sex of any kind would be wonderful from wife but that's not going to am trying to look elsewhere....Care to share ?