I don't actively think about it.  It's just something that crosses my mind from time to time.  Usually when I really connect with a male friend or when things with me and my fiance haven't been going so hot.  I imagine what it would be like if I were with another guy.  Would he treat me better?  Would he love me more?  Would things be different?  I wonder if I would be a happier person if there were another person around to catch me when one of them fails to.  I can sort of figure the answers to these questions are simple.  The one to treat me the best over the longest amount of time would win and I would start phasing one of them out.  I've been cheated on enough times to see how that works.  And we all know that when a relationship is just beginning that everything is always sunshine and roses or else they don't happen at all.  That's just the name of the game.  So the "other" person always wins in a situation like that.  That's one of the reasons (besides the obvious cliche reasons) why I wouldn't do anything like that.

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I personly undearstand you if you are not being treated right but if you are happy with the way everything is why think about cheating!! Befor you say have i been in the same situation ,the ans is yes I am with someone who loves me & willing to do anything for me but I dont love hear in that way <so you can say its a plotonic relasonship<as I dont work due to bad health problems & she dose we live seprotly, I cant bring my self to cheat on hear,so think about it befor you do is all im trying to say good luck.

Sometimes the fantasy is much better than the reality - ba<x>sed on my experience it is almost ALWAYS better. lol. So, before one gets into the "actual" affair they have to think hard and realize that it won't be all they think it is and yes, once it has been going on for a while, the problems start to slip in. If you are having doubts about taking the plunge, it is likely smart to stay away from it. Should you ever feel an uncontrollable urge to go ahead with a particular person, despite your contrary feelings, then you may wish to take the next step...

I can understand the reasons you feel the way you do. As someone who has cheated, I have to say that's it was always about control with me. If I felt like the vulnerable one, the person who could get hurt, I would certainly not do it.