Brandon Gene


Every day i think about my husband.. almost every second... i find it a little easier when i write him.. so when i can only talk to him on the weekends i write him sweet things during the week..this is one of the letters i wrote to him.. and these are the reason why i think about him so much.........      Brandon Gene, I love you so much.. Honey you are my Superman… You saved me from all the trouble, all the fears, and all your strength that keeps me up.. You are my knight in shinning armor who protects me at all cost. You are my prince charming that swept me off my feet and always seems to make me feel like the prettiest girl in the world…You are my Doctor when I’m sick.. You take care of me.. And always make me feel at least a little better.. Even if you only say.. Oh you’ll be fine. You are my best friend.. that w/ out you I would not know what to do.  You are my guardian angel so gives me faith and helps me believe.. You are my rock.. Which supports me and holds me up.. You are my heart and soul… without you it would not beat. When you are gone.. My heart doesn’t beat as fast.. My smile isn’t as big.. And my laugh isn’t nearly as loud. Whenever you are is where my heart is. I look for you for everything.. And thank you for being my everything.. You are the most amazing guy I’ve ever met. NO ONE can ever compare.. I love you more then life itself. You are def. My mountain dew to my life.. (Or your like the jelly to my peanut butter (which I will still go out to get..)) Without you there is no me.. I love you so much….

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awwwa that is adorable, do you read them over on the phone to him? I still like to write Mike even though hes outta boot, give him a suprise every once in awhile. This sounds like someone i would write to my husband =]