Should I Or Shouldnt I...?

Im 21 currently in college going for ech/ sped minor in coaching. the classes can be very stressful. im also trying to find a job ontop of my summer classes and the state mandated tests i have to take in the summer. i just dont know....some days i wake up ready to start the day with some enthusiasm. others i lay in bed thinking about how im never going to make it out im never going to mount to anything i am nothing. i tried strangling myself one time when i was 13 but i couldnt go through with it. but i still think about what if.. what if i did who would even care if i was gone. even with my gf i feel like im a p.o.s shes a flight attendant who graduated college already. so shes making money doing her thing and im stuck in school struggling with classes cant find a job i am completely broke and completely lost....i feel i would do my family a favor in the long run so they dont have to deal with me..i know theyll miss me at first but after the initial death i feel id be one less thing they (my family) has to worry about...let alone my gf.. she deserves better she really does.. i am a hopeless reck
Woody140 Woody140
May 10, 2012