Is It Him Or Is It Me?

Hello all,
I have been dating this guy for the past 2 years. On the 14th of December (the day before his birthday) he asked me to marry him... He said he knew that the ring isn't the one I wanted but "it was what I could afford". He works at a Prison on the Sort team he makes like $2400 a month and he doesn't pay rent and only pay utilities and internet and cell phone service. I accepted the proposal. And so we were going to get married. I know this sounds materialistic but the ring is terrible it started turning my finger green and the "gem" started coming loose. One day he picked me up from my house and said "you are going to be mad at me" I asked why and he picked up a pistol that he later explained to me he purchased for $300. While driving I assumed he felt guilty and so he said " I was thinking... I was thinking that one my next pay check I would get you a better ring" I was so happy because I had a long talk with him about the idea that a ring symbolizes a lot to me and I don't want a freaking fortune on my finger but something that costs more that a ring that you get from a pond shop that turns your finger green does... Any how.. Since then he has purchased himself 3 other big ticket items all at least $75... and today he called and asked if I would go with him to an auction so he could go look at and but a new gun... I was furious! He knows that the ring means a lot to me , and he promised that he would get me the ring last month.... I feel like I've been lied too... IDK.. What do you all think? he has had a history of spending a lot of money on himself in the past, in fact we broke up because of it before... And I thought he was doing better... Guess not? I just don't know whether to call it off altogether or just date, or What?? I look into the future and I'm not sure if I like what I see, if he stays like this...
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Jan 23, 2013