Love Is Experienced Differently By Each of Us.



a match is struck

the head flares

it is instantly extinguished

by gusts from pouted lips

and fully puffed cheeks


another is struck

the head flares

it burns to fingertips

left to die

in blackened ash


submerged in a bath

scented with oils and salts

envelops you penetrates

your pores even

after you leave its influence



bcj bcj 51-55, M 25 Responses Mar 1, 2009

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I never saw this poem and it has been my loss up until now.
It is beautiful.
As you said, I experienced the third example. I was infused with it all. It seeped into my pores, as you suggest, and it became me and I it. It didn't even matter that it was not (in reality) reciprocated--I was in so deep I just assumed that the feeling was mutual (and he was VERY convincing.)
But I ask you, how does one recover, when it is lost?
It has been a long time, and my recovery is in its infancy.
I bow to you.

I do not believe that there was a loss......... You were buoyed by the the euphoria, the madness of being in love and you spirit was lighter during that time.

See the lushness and the beauty of that period in your life and know tha his duties were indeed fulfilled toward you.

Maybe God has called him to shine in someone else's darkness.

Just musing.......

much love

Yeah. You're right, as usual. I tell myself a story about journeys. He is gone from me. But that doesn't mean my journey is over. In fact, maybe someday I will realize that it is just beginning. I just can't find my way right now. I can't see it through the tears.
You are a remarkable person b, and a dear friend to me. I will not soon forget this.

I try!

Thanks Lady Spring.


The little engineer


B...This is brilliant...You have described various kinds of love with such precision and artistry. You have grasped the very essence of each of these emotions.

I especially like the third stanza and the words:

"envelops you penetrates

your pores even

after you leave its influence"

I am speechless

thanks miss LL.

HHmmm very nice indeed...truth I myself have yet to exprience what is true LOVE......

Hi all


My one friend says about marriage - "The one partner is happy, the other is married".

The one partner can be feeling very "loved" as in stanza 3, while the other feels that there is not enough reciprocation.

This might be true but it might just be that that partner is just extremely "needy" and in fact, no amount of loving will ever be enough.




I love the ebb and flow of this one. The moods of each stanza. Masterful.

Sir Mewold, I love critical commentary and I do engage in lots of this myself, as long as it does not attack the person but only the works. This critical review/attack can be delivered with much respect, in which case it is always welcome.



Lady CC.

So kind, thank you.



i try, sir Mewold. It only comes in sporadic gushes, though.



I mean no real critical comment. I wish I had even a portion of your great talant.

Love it's depth and imagery X@

This could also be the story of the metamorphosis of love from one night stand to a long lasting, slow-burning fire that warms the cockles of one's soul.



*hugs everybody*

*bows to the poet*


Thanks for the comments.

Mewold, I had hoped to reflect the everlasting type with the last passage

Stanza 1 talks to a "one night stand", quick, intense, a flash and with ,intentionally, no long term commitment.

Stanza 2 talks to a longer engagement, but it too wanes due to the destructive nature of some personalities interactions. (burns to the fingertips).

Stanza 3 talks to the slow burning, long-lasting "candles" and the scent (aroma/emotion) that goes with you even when you separate for the day's duties. The "joy" in this love is not just happy and springy but more an all encompassing, glowy warmth.

What it does try to convey is that love is love, no matter what kind it is. People love differently because people are different.

Just some notes on my inspiration when writing this, but of course, your comments remain valid.

love and peace


Great poem and Andrew said it all.Blessings and Peace.

Hiya mewold. I think that this poem is about physical love, but describes it in a way which is not casual. To me, it is about endless possibilities; the match blown out (that's still an interaction between the man and woman; she could have been teasing him, playing hard to get), followed by one which lights the candles for the erotic bath.

The great thing about bcj's poetry is that it has so many levels.



I also loved this poem, but I found it somewhat meloncoly. It paid no trubute to the love that is everlasting.


Coming from an artist, this is a very nice compliment.

God Bless


That may not be the last I have to say about this excellent poem... I'm still reading it. That's the quality of the writing; it yields up new layers of meaning on any number of readings.



Thanks AP

Hello bcj. I have read a few of your poems, and this one really stopped me in my tracks. Only 56 words, yet rich in its economy. I found meaning there, on so many levels.

My emotional response to this poem was very strong. Just the first two stanzas brought me back to the ways in which my partners and I have experienced passion and desire. Sometimes the flame was blown out -- playfully -- almost as soon as the match was struck; sometimes the match would burn down to the fingers. All good.

((((( HUGS )))))


Love is different for everyone, and I love this post, great one as always

Simply beautiful! Well chosen words creating magic.