Every Single Day of My Existence......

~ I dream of finding that one love. The one who will make this life worth being in completely. Who will let me love him with all that I am & all that I can/will be. I dream of a love that is forever, not always easy, but there always.... This is love I wish for, yearn for, dream of. ~

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I've definetly found friends I can depend on. they were directly received from a prayer to God. But I have no idea about actual relationships... but maybe it could happen in a similar way. I'm going to keep believing God has somebody for me lol.


respectfully there is no problem and there are no buts.

Milady open your heart and state your needs. Love is always possible.

You will be amaze at how many suitable partners there are.

The chaff will be blown away in the wind

Grace and Peace and Love to you.


It is possible, The problem with us humans is we are not very patient when it comes to what we want.

Lady WH

Don't ever give up on the dream. It is available.

Speak to the people that you meet before you even consider touching. Tell him what you wrote here. Ask him what he wants out of the relationship.

I promise that probably only 1 in 50 will stay. the rest will run or you will chase them, but the ones who stay will make great partners.