They Have Meaning

I've been trying to sort out them menaing behind my dreams for some time, and a dream interpreter has showed me the way.  there is a radio station at home that has one on once a month and after seeing the common threads I have been applying this to my dreams a bit. I think I will buy her book soon too to help fill in the gaps.

Dreams are important and they tell us what is happening in our inner psyche and tell us things.  If you don't find resolution the dream seems to keep coming back.  Once I know what the dream meant I don't have it anymore and I find peace.  Sometimes its just confirming a concern, sometimes its telling me something I couldn't see in myself.

They hard part for me is I'm a lucid dreamer, so I can affect the dream which can confuse matters a bit.

PHSensei PHSensei
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Dreaming is the Mind's way of Processing information oh wise one hee hee :)