I Remember Barbie

I was at a party at a friends house.  I was 16 and everyone was a year or so older or younger.  I had a crush on this knock-out girl.  We were playing spin the bottle, and I kept praying my spin would point to her and I'd get to kiss her, but no such luck.  My first two spins pointed to other boys, so I lost my turn.  Then I spun and wouldn't you know it, that d__ned bottle pointed straight at Barbara ____.  She was the ugliest girl in the school.  Everyone kidded about her, and it was a standing joke to tell another boy you would get him a date with Barbara.  I purely hated to have to kiss her, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by refusing, so we stood under the mistletoe and kissed.  It felt good.  I was surprised.  I think she was surprised too.  Well, lo and behold, my next spin got Barbara again.  This time we had to kiss for 10 seconds, with everybody counting the seconds off.  That's the first time I ever kissed with tongue, and she felt so nice in my arms kissing like that.  I sat down hoping to get Barbara again.  No such luck.  Got my sister -- yuk -- and my crush.  Would you believe it, kissing my crush didn't do a thing for me.  All I could think about was Barbara.  Finally I got Barbara again.  This time we had to go into the closet and close the door for one minute.  Before I knew it, my hand was under her shirt and on her bra; she didn't stop me.  I got so hard I could hardly walk back to the livingroom.  I prayed no one would see.  Sometime later Heaven smiled and I got Barbara again.  This time it was 5 minutes in the bedroom.  We hugged and kissed and felt and explored, and I kept looking at my watch dreading the end.  But at five minutes, nothing happened.  No one called; no one banged on the door.  Nothing.  Had they forgotten us?  It was too late to care.  We were on the bed, hands were under clothes, then clothes were on the floor and we had sex right then and there.  It was first time for both of us.  I absolutely couldn't let her go, and she didn't seem to want me to.  Finally I heard somebody say, where's ____?  We grabbed our clothes on, and just before we opened the door and went out, we kissed again.  I thought she was the most wonderful girl in the world.  I told her I'd love her forever.  We went back to the living room holding hands.  My friend started to make a wise crack, then stopped in mid-sentence.  No one said anything.  I think they all knew, but, God bless them, they let Barbie and me keep the experience to ourselves.  Barbie was the best sex I ever had.  That's why 6 years later I married her.  That's why I still visit her grave on the anniversary of that first time, and always will, until I see here again.

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1 Response Mar 28, 2010

That story brings tears. How did she die so young?