I Have a Theory!

I think about what is my purpose in this life... a lot! And I think I have an general idea! It may not be correct or even perfect, but I like my little theory on it. And I will follow my gut on this one, until proven wrong. =p

My theory is... My purpose in life is to love, not only others, by also myself. To look out for my health and try to battle the demons of my past, to get rid of them, once and for all. If possible. And to know when it's time to accept things that can not be changed and to start healing, not holding on the harmful wrongs of the past and bringing myself down. I also think that my purpose is to be a true friend to others, a wonderful daughter, and loving aunt, and awesome sibling, and the coolest girlfriend! :-)

Also, my purpose is to write. No, not necessarily into publication, to be famous or any other such nonsense. I need to keep writing and sharing, like on EP or for friends and family. For my words, even if it's just silliness, it helps people and it makes some small difference in the world. And I also need to expel these words and feeling and thoughts in my mind. They're not meant to be kept solely for myself but to be shared with the world, I think.

My purpose is also to make the most of the cards dealt to me! This is the biggie! I use to cry, be depressed, and felt cheated with what little life had dealt me. I saw the cards as a crap-hand and thought it was all unfair. BUT, now I see them in a new light, not denying what the powers-that-be has given me... they're not crap! There is some real potential in them! And I was very ungrateful of those cards, for the longest time. But now, they're like GOLD to me! :-D

Without those cards, I never would have learned to love as deeply as I do... or to care as much as I do for others... or to meet the wonderful people I have in my life now. Without those cards, I would have grown up to be a very selfish and self-absorbed person, only caring about "me, me, me"... and I am glad that isn't the case with me. :-)

My purpose is to spread love, friendship, positivity, and joy to others. But to have fun doing it! And to have fun within my own life! To live life to the fullest and not let petty things (or people) weight me down! 

So, that is my theory. Thanks for reading! :-)

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Positive energy feeds positive thoughts which in turn feed positive energy.

this is a great story shadow . always be a positive person. im the same. people will try to knock it out of you but dont ever change!

What a great purpose. We have to live life to its fullest. Enjoy as much as you can within reason, love and laugh often, be a good citizen of the world and a good steward of the earth. We should strive to leave the world a better place than we found it!