this was inspired by my continent, africa. i am sure though that it could be generalised to all of us with inferiority complexes or victim mentalities, be this in personal relationships or urban terror (crime, that is).

humbly yours.






What are you looking for in the soil

raise your eyes as you walk.

You are from the lines of kings and warriors.

Your people raised scholars of note.


Raise your eyes. Let them meet

those of the visitor, guest or alien.

God has made you equal.

Not inferior nor superior.


You and your peers create

systems of strata and perceptions of inequality.


Man, not God.



To build the house, the lowly skilled holds the element in place

While the highly skilled fixes it.


For the tree to yield its bounty,

it must be rooted in the dirt.

For the kings to have their gold in the sun,

men live like rats in the ground.


Africa! Raise your eyes.

Look into the eye of the visitor.

You are equal by God’s measure.

Lose the shackles of your mind.




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lady Spring<br />
<br />
Of course it is meant to be univeralised to any bi-partisan relationship.<br />
<br />
Could be<br />
personal<br />
international<br />
inter - tribal<br />
inter spousal<br />
inter filial<br />
etc<br />
<br />
wherever there is an oppressive relationship or attitude.<br />
<br />

This is a very powerful one, especially the last stanza. It reminds me of national poems written at the time of wars or uprisings. Of course the message is different, but what is similar, is that it encourages and supports the reader. Restores faith in oneself ("You are equal by God’s measure.<br />
Lose the shackles of your mind") as well as in one's country: ("You are from the lines of kings and warriors. Your people raised scholars of note.") And what is best, is that it can really be read universally. Wonderful.

happy to be of service, lady lv

Great one, I always walk with my head down, from now on, I'll try to meet the visitors.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing this

i thank you kindly sweet lady.<br />
<br />
love <br />

I liked this piece. Very moving, inspiring.

divinely inspired words, I pray Don Juan<br />
<br />

Perception's are man's, not God's<br />
I like that.