What Is Reality?

Of course there is no real proof of this, but I lean toward the belief that there is more than one dimension. I also believe we create our own realities, and that each dimensional "you" makes a different choice when presented with a multitude of possible actions that equal varied chain reactions, therefore the existances are always splitting, much like a fractal effect. I think about quantum theory a lot and contemplate what may be possible and how.

In other words, I'm a huge nerd.

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^ Wow, awesome story. That probably would have shaken me up a little. 0.0

^ I agree totally. There is a solid point of origin that seems to anchor our physical bodies in one place, despite the dimensions we may split off into.

Dimension = Potential or Possibility<br />
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So because you can possibly move to a different point on the three axes of space there are at least 3 dimensions, and time moves you in the 4th. And you're right, it's the power of choice that allows you to take different directions in space-time, and whatever choice you can possibly make at a given moment indicates your position in the 5th dimension, which then leads to reults in the 4 more 'manifest' dimensions. There are further dimensions of possibility but I don't really understand them...<br />
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It's worth remembering that despite the huge dimensions of possibility you are always 'here' and 'now'. Seeing what's infront or above you, expecting what will happen later or what you can choose to change it - no matter how much you move or imagine changing you are always at the centre, a single point in the 1st dimension, with possibilities constantly changing. If you can become more aware of yourself in the here and now, your perception of higher dimensions will develop even greater clarity.

@Sleepingnaked: Why thank you. :)<br />
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@Ballarina: I have heard of that, actually. It's a pretty neat theory, albeit a scary one, since I have nightmares instead of dreams. lol